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  1. I need a stock 07 yz250f clamp complete with mounts for my 2009. Don't want after market but not much choice. I have an 09 yz250f but like the bar position of my 2007 better. Like tristar but they went out of business. Should I go with an offset or stock?
  2. Last night my 07 Yz250f and my 50 were stolen out of my shed. The 50 was found in Middleboro but my 250f is still missing. It was white with One Industry camo graphics, White Brothers MX3 and Factory Connection suspension. I'm sure it has no graphics because my 50 was gutted to bare bones. Any info would help. Email js7243@comcast.net
  3. js243

    07 Yz250f help

    I have an 07 YZ250f and have Moose raditor braces. I hit a tree with the right side of the bike, right at the radiator. The bike was a mess but the radiator was o.k. The brace had to be bent back but I was very happy I did not ruin my radiator. There is a few crushed fins but the rest is o.k.
  4. I was reading the new Dirt Rider and saw all the Factory teams oil cooler setups. Yamaha had one in the left radiator. Why don't they just sell the bike with one. We all know how much heat effects these bikes and the more you can do to prevent damage the better. I used to ride an 06 RMZ 450 and that thing blew up 4 times in one season. All I had to do to this bike is change the oil and check the valves. Great so far but would like to add a cooler for safety.
  5. js243

    Risers WITH Windham bend bars?

    I have 07 Yzf and am 6ft2. I went with the Windam bars but had to get a Tri Star upper also. The Tri Star has 3 spacers and I use all of them. Feels great. I was very uncomfortable on this bike until I made the change.
  6. js243

    Best Off-Road Slip On?

    I just put a White Bros. MX4 on my 07 and love it.
  7. js243

    mass riders

    Wrentham, Freetown and Foxboro are all full of rocks. You pay to register your bike and have horrible places to ride. I know of a nice sand track in Bellingham. It is illegal but deep in the woods. We have never been bothered there. Last year Bret Metcalf was practing there with Dowdy. I have another track that is legal but do not want to post.
  8. I'm curious to know what jetting changes were made for 08. Mainly the leak and pilot jets. Thanks for any help.
  9. js243

    just an observation

    I bought my Yz250f based upon quality. I have rode Suzuki for 6 years. I blew my 06 RMZ450 up 6 times in one season and I changed my oil every 3 hrs and adjusted my valves. My purchase was based upon reliability. Yamaha was the first 4stroke and has been quality since day one. I have only changed my oil and addressed some jetting issues. Other than that. My valves are still within spec. This is the highest quality product! I have every ridden!
  10. A friend of mine was checking my bike at the track the other day. I asked what he was doing and he said. Checking to make the sure the fitting for my oil line was tight. The pressed fittings are falling out of the case. He is a well known local Tech. and saw 3 bikes blown up at a local race due to this. Also 2 kids he sponsors had failures. The fitting under the clutch cover has been the problem. It is pressed into the case. He told me to make a bracket, that can be bolted on. To hold pressure on the fitting. I don't know if any of you have had failures but check your bike! I check mine all the time now. I'm also going to make a bracket up. Just thought I'd let everyone know!
  11. js243

    yz250f jetting problems

    180 main should be fine. Maybe a 45 pilot and the leak jet depends on the squirt and the timing of it. A 190 main seems to be too much! I have an 07 and out in a 40 leak jet. They are all so different. My friend has the same bike and his runs better with richer jetting.
  12. js243


    There is only one rod. I have used Hotrods on a few rebuilds and they seem O.k. I have found the main bearings are different from stock and you need to use their bearings. If you use their crank. I have used a few of their cranks on Honda rebuilds. Great results for me but I have heard bad results from others.
  13. I would like to know the specs if anyone has one. I would like to know what they changed from 07. I know the piston and needle has more taper but wondering about the leak jet and pilot.
  14. Don't waste the money. Just play with the jetting. I put one on my 07YZ250f and it did nothing. Still had the bog and I emailed them. They said now I need to change my leak jet to a 50 and a 45 pilot. Now the bike still bogs and hard to start hot.
  15. js243

    radiator braces

    I have the Mmose braces and took my first serious crash with them Sunday. The back brace got pushed up against the tank and went through the radiator. I also had to shave a1/2 inch off the shrouds to make them fit. I do not recommmend them. Cost me $400 in parts to repair.