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  1. VETMX808

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    So what was your setup? How was the dirt? Let us know! Good to hear you got it dialed..it sure is a great feeling!
  2. VETMX808

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    It's really similar to setting up the 2005-2007 KX250'S 2-strokes..I've owned several of those beasts, and the Yami has similar traits. However, the Yami package was easier to dial in. As Numroe has stated..its really really important to get the stink bug out. I've only rode my 15' Yami 3 times...I have some fine tuning to do yet. Otherwise, it's a blast to ride/race.
  3. VETMX808

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    Correct. However, this bike stink bugs a bit. You have to balance it out. Even for hard pack I'm running the forks flush with the clamps. The key is the rear can't over power the forks. Try the setup I posted. It works.
  4. VETMX808

    2015 Yz250 top end failure

    What's the plug look like??? This will tell you how the bike was running. My guess he has a massive air leak that caused the detonation. He should have heard something like a loud clicking sound or popping in the motor. Either way..that baby is toast.
  5. VETMX808

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    I just had all the same issues as you racing this last weekend in soft dirt. Just purchased a new 2015 YZ250. MXA's settings (I believe) are waaaaaay off. I race Vet Pro class. This is what I ended up with that worked way better than MXA's settings... Good luck... Forks: Comp: 8 clicks out Rebound: 14 clicks out (Might try 13 clicks out) Fork height: flush Shock: Comp: 8 clicks out Rebound: 4 clicks out (seems extreme, but really slowed how busy the rear was) High Speed Comp: 1 3/4 to 1 1/2 out Sag: 105mm This is the only way I could maintain stability and actually get it to corner decent.
  6. VETMX808

    Handling and steering on 05-07 kx250's

    Yep..5.4 rear spring here too. I'll give a report when I get my forks back...
  7. VETMX808

    Handling and steering on 05-07 kx250's

    Been following this topic...anything new? I am working with DEVOL on my '06 KX250 restore. We've noticed a couple things that drastically imporved handling... 1. Stiffer rear spring. I know this sounds weird since the bike is known to stink bug, but you can run lower sag numbers for better traction, but also keep the bike's rear end up in the stroke. (Balance the rear). 2. Free up the valving on the forks. Under load, the front of the bike does't want to rebound and stay in the sweet spot of the stroke. They did some new valving and I am excited to get the forks back (next week). 3. Run the rebound a click or two slower in the rear. This will help with keep the rear planted when braking hard. Again, more of a balancing thing. Thanks guys, and always like to see others feed back!
  8. We had around 375 in them. I dropped them to 360 and they seemed to dive too much. I have added 10cc and will back off on my compression adjusters to see if that will help...
  9. Anything I can do temporary till I get it to my tuner? I was thinking an oil height adjustment? Add oil and decrease compression clickers perhaps? It will be a good 2 weeks before I can get my bike to my tuner... Thanks again...
  10. You talking spanish Mog...I am racer, not a tuner! Haha.. Are you talking decreasing shim stack on the mid-stack?
  11. I have a 2012 KTM 250SX... I ride at local Pro level for motocross and have a revalve done with some minor oil height adjustments. I weigh right at 160lbs. For the life of me, I can't get a happy medium between mid-stroke harshness when breaking hard and the front end diving in turns. At this point to add oil and back off on clickers (compression) or reduce oil and increase the clickers (compression). I am not real familiar with WP forks, so please chim in, because you will know a heck of lot more than me! Thanks!
  12. VETMX808

    2012 250 sx detonating

    Yep, 50:1. No way would I ever run 60:1 as the manual suggests.
  13. VETMX808

    2012 250 sx detonating

    Amsoil dominator is all I use...
  14. VETMX808

    My New Ride

    Awesomeness! Looking fresh and clean!
  15. I made the switch back to 2-strokes about 2 years ago...happy, rejuvenated and content. That about explains how I feel about the switch. My 2012 250sx is a bike I can still be very very competitive with but have the satisfaction of knowing I am having maximum fun every time I throw my leg over it.