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  1. brutal

    Knock in the Block

    This is my second RM 250. Had a 05 now 06 new left over. Both bikes have a decel knock about 2-3K rpm. Jetted up & down and all around, timing is bang on "annoying knock". Does any one know how to sort it out?
  2. Any light weights out there (ie 155 lbs) on the kx 450 with hours? How's the suspension? Moto only would I need to up the spring rate like I had to on my previous crf450? Does anybody figure that they have over 20hrs on the new 450 motors? If so how are the valve adjustments, cause I am just waiting to pound some hours on the ice up here. Just waiting for the green gobblin.!!
  3. brutal

    Any CRF450 guys gone big green?

    I have just viewed one at local dealer,very sano ,clean lines,slim compared to my 04 crf 450. the kx450 seemed a little tall for my 5.6 stature .I am sure it would be a little lower once that great kyb suspension breaks in. This bike oozes good looks. Just looking for the right price?