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  1. whys my YZ250F stock exhaust popping so freakin much?
  2. Riderrr

    What's wrong with my bike???!

    the problem i had, was i didnt have enough solution on my air filter after i cleaned it and put it in. clean ur air filter.
  3. k its like just on the border of the top of the grid, im gunna let it drain for like 2 seconds then
  4. what if you go off the grid?
  5. JUST changed the oil, checked it the first time, and i was low, added half a quart and bam i was right at the top of the grid is this bad..
  6. Riderrr

    Need Help.. Engine Smoked Up Today..

    ahahha nope, im missing the entire plug.. not just the seal.. the entire plug how the hell could this happen? and where can i find one :/
  7. Riderrr

    Need Help.. Engine Smoked Up Today..

    its an 04 yz250f it turns over, ill check for the plug today
  8. So i was riding from my friends house, to another friends house about 10 minutes away. When i arrived i pulled up to my friend, and shut my engine off. not even a second later somthing made a little popping sound and tons of smoke rose from the engine. My friend has raced before and has had a bike seize up before because he had no Coolant in the radiator to cool the engine down.. i had enough coolant, but when i shut the engine off, it all went out of the hose and all over the engine, and as i began to examine further, theres a hose (its not plastic, or rubber, it looks rope-like, and i guess it transports oil into the engine?) under a black protection plate in front of the engine.. as i took this off i noticed there was oil all over the front of the engine, as i began to examine even FURTHER i noticed.. oil was everywhere.. im scared sh**less.. the only thing i noticed was that it was boggy today.. i dont know why but somthing seemed different about my bike.. (it was 30º today so i thought that was the problem..) and whenever i stopped riding gas was leaking on the ground drop by drop about every 30 seconds.. can i just replace that hose(PLEASE GIVE ME A NAME I DONT KNOW WHAT THIS HOSE IS CALLED) and add coolant, and replace my oil+ oil filter? or did i just screw the hell out of my engine?