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  1. Ohonda, Can't seem to get to my old messages. Site change? I do NOT remember anyone saying they would buy the pipe for the price i wanted. If you waited MONTHS why didn't you try to message me again? No scam here, just a family of dirt bikers with a pipe for sale. Yes, the pipe is still for sale.
  2. I still have this pipe for sale.
  3. trans 0.57 liter (0.61 US qt, 0.51 Imp qt) at draining 0.65 liter (0.69 US qt, 0.57 Imp qt) at disassembly
  4. $180 + shipping
  5. hot start sticking?
  6. Selling our crf150r/rb MRD head pipe and can w/quiet insert and sparky.Bought last summer..has about 15hrs on it. My son moved up to 250's.
  7. My loss Your gain = His gain My loss
  8. 590ml
  9. try here http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=235643
  10. Have you done the AP o-ring mod?
  11. You will need a 56 tooth sproket too.
  12. We have Renthal RC high bend 7/8 bars on our 07 rb. Cut to length and your all set.
  13. Go Honda
  14. 600ml or 20.3oz
  15. crf150r stock 50 tooth crf150rb stock 56 tooth