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  1. Plowboys

    MRD Pipe

    Ohonda, Can't seem to get to my old messages. Site change? I do NOT remember anyone saying they would buy the pipe for the price i wanted. If you waited MONTHS why didn't you try to message me again? No scam here, just a family of dirt bikers with a pipe for sale. Yes, the pipe is still for sale.
  2. Plowboys

    MRD Pipe

    I still have this pipe for sale.
  3. Plowboys

    how much trans oil in a 150r ?

    trans 0.57 liter (0.61 US qt, 0.51 Imp qt) at draining 0.65 liter (0.69 US qt, 0.57 Imp qt) at disassembly
  4. Plowboys

    MRD Pipe

    $180 + shipping
  5. Plowboys

    What might be wrong with my 150?

    hot start sticking?
  6. Plowboys

    MRD Pipe

    Selling our crf150r/rb MRD head pipe and can w/quiet insert and sparky.Bought last summer..has about 15hrs on it. My son moved up to 250's.
  7. Plowboys

    Craigs list Dictionary

    My loss Your gain = His gain My loss
  8. Plowboys

    how much oil in crf150r

  9. Plowboys

    KTM 50 Pro Senior clutch question

    try here http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=235643
  10. Plowboys

    Honda CRF-150R Throttle Response?

    Have you done the AP o-ring mod?
  11. Plowboys

    150r conversion to 150rb

    You will need a 56 tooth sproket too.
  12. Plowboys

    Renthal Bars crf150r

    We have Renthal RC high bend 7/8 bars on our 07 rb. Cut to length and your all set.
  13. Plowboys

    CRF150R Returns for 2012

    Go Honda
  14. Plowboys

    Oil Change CR85

    600ml or 20.3oz
  15. Plowboys

    2007 CRF150R swing arm conversion to a CRF150RB

    crf150r stock 50 tooth crf150rb stock 56 tooth