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  1. Gez

    David Knight what a cry baby

    David was pissed off, wouldnt you be? The ghosting of the bike was not 'aimed' at Taddy, In fact Knighter normally ghosts his bike when he wins anyway, see previous Endurocross, Erzberg etc. KTM had 'hinted' to David that he would not be beaten by another orange bike. The triple crown would have given David a big bonus but would probably been worth more to KTM in the publicity gained. Thing is, nobody told Taddy! So as you can imagine, come mid race and Taddy is riding pretty aggresively and takes the lead, David has to weigh up battling with the Pole, who has nothing to lose, and risk his championship (if David had lost a few places or DNFed he would have done) or ride safe, keep the championship but suffer the heartbreak of losing out on $50,000. Make you own mind up about the tactics, and make what you will of the bike launch after the race, but in years to come David will always have that title to his name and I am sure he wont miss the $50,000 too much. Sticking a microphone into someones face straight after a race like that is asking for trouble, especially from a Manxman ! Another $50,000 triple crown bonus for 2008 and Knighter should be able to contest all 3 rounds. Having to miss some of the others probably means he wont be fighting for the title so dont expect him to let anyone past this year !
  2. Gez

    David Knight for endurocross win!

    looks like you were right Mikey
  3. Gez

    Endurocross result

    Excellent report thanks.. I have been getting some text messages from the boys over there but I think the partying is well underway already! I wont expect anything understandable from them til way into tomorrow
  4. Looks like Knighter won!! I dont have any other details as yet other than Ryan Hughes qualified first, David second. Knighter wiped out in the first heat race but won the second to go through to the final. More info from http://www.knighter.net