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  1. simmo400

    Where to mount the Trail Tech Sensor on a XR400

    Mount it on the caliper mine has been there for two years no problem and has worked fine from day one
  2. simmo400

    maier mx rear fender question?

    I have same set up on my 400 and have 5 bolts. However, I have used 6 mil flat rounded top stainless hex bolts and they look neat and sit flat.
  3. Yes, check the bulb:thumbsup: . I went out and purchased a new sender unit when my indicator on one side did not work and the bulb looked ok. Turned out it was just a bulb as the new sender unit did not fix the problem. simmo 400
  4. simmo400

    Magura hydraulic clutch kits

    thanks for replies guys:applause: . Its a shame that the xr's are slowly being forgotten by many suppliers. How soon people forget that they once were regarded as the duck guts of motorcycles:ride: . Simmo400
  5. simmo400

    Magura hydraulic clutch kits

    No Ballards cannot get them anymore. There must be somewhere in the states that I can purchase one from. Or somewhere some one knows where to get one. Any info or cantact details would be greatly appreciated. Simmo400
  6. Help needed I am wanting to purchase a magura clutch for my 400 but cannot find anyone who stocks them anymore. I am in Australia but I am happy to purchase from anywhere. I am sure you must still be able to get them. I may also be interested in a second hand one if someone has one for sale. Thanks in advance for any info simmo400
  7. Just my thoughts. I have E-Start so can recover on hills and after crashes a little easier! As for suspension I too thought long and hard about changing to USD forks but decided that if I wanted to go down that path then I should buy a bike that comes out with USD and sell my XR. I love my bike and just do not want to part with it. So I have upgraded my suspension and believe me each change has made a vast improvement over stock. IMO there is nothing wrong with the suspension on the XR for what it was intended for. I have no trouble with any nasty bad habits now my suspension is just about sorted and I find I am riding much faster than before and importantly in control. Dont go over board on spring stiffness, revalve for plushness, set your sag correctly (important) and presto a great quality good handling bike that will do most things well.
  8. simmo400

    XR400 rear spring question

    Thanks for your reply. I am now guessing both springs are 9.8
  9. simmo400

    XR400 rear spring question

    Ok all you xr400 technical gurus I have had some conflicting information regarding the rear spring weight for my bike and my mates bike. my bike is a 12/03 manufactured released 02/04 bike, his is a 2000 manufactured released 2001. I am told his rear spring is a 9.5 while mine is a 9.8 is this correct? if so what year did it change and what is the real year of a bike manufacture or release date. If in fact my old spring is a 9.8 then we want to put this heavier spring into his bike as I now have a 10.5 ebaich. any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Simmo400
  10. simmo400

    What Tools?

    All you need is tools that will assist others to work on anything, blue, yellow, orange, green or anything with CRF in its title. Then at the end of a ride you may get to enjoy some free beers from very thankful bike owners of the above colours!!!! On a serious note in 4 years of extensive riding short, long, close and remote trails I have never needed to put a spanner to my bike. But I have enjoyed many a free beer!!!!!
  11. simmo400

    Oil Change

    For what it is worth I change my oil and oil filter every 500klm. I ride dirt and road and have only ever used semi-synthetic Shell oil.
  12. simmo400

    Battery Location For Electric Start xr400

    Yep I will take some pics for you. Just a note, the XR electrics are not set up to have a charging system for a battery on them. You have to have an auto electrician wire it up to charge your battery. If you don't then all you need is a hard half day of stopping and starting and your battery will lose enough charge to not start your bike. I know this from early experience. Its a simple job and should not cost much.
  13. simmo400

    Battery Location For Electric Start xr400

    I have e start on my 2003 xr400. Battery is located behind the left side cover.
  14. simmo400


    I am trying to purchase an iridium plug for my xr400 but none of the dealers I try have them and want me to purchase 4 of them if I want one so they will order it in !!!?? Not good business if you ask me. I also am after a trailtech computer but also want the billet housing. Again I can purchase the computer (Panorama) old???? but not the housing. I am sick of poor sales and service here in Australia and am now going to try purchasing these items and others from the states but have no idea who is good to deal with. Can anyone help or have these items for sale and will ship to Australia. Thanks
  15. Thanks again for the ohter replies. I cut my spacers 30mil and used washers supplied. This gave me 5mil of preload acording to my calculations. I was told not to go over 10mil of preload but there was no instructions with the new springs so I had to guess my way through. I think I will now go back and remeasure everything.