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  1. hey shady ask my buddy rick thats where i got the info on which switch to buy from the shack :bonk:Headlight hi-lo switch The first item is a high-low beam switch for the head light. The stock bulb is a dual filament bulb; all you need to add is a switch and extra wires. Use a small, center-off toggle switch and you'll have off, low, and high. Radio Shack 275-325, about $3.29. http://www.rickramsey.net/CRF250Xmymods.htm#dualsport
  2. good call on that love couch pic .
  3. nice pic OldeDude thanks now i have prof i went riding. sometimes the wife thinks i just tow my bike to the titty bar and throw some dirt on myself before i come home
  4. Don't Ride Behind Shady. I Road With Shadyatbest The Other Day At Prarie City. And The Sob Nailed Me With A Big Rock About The Size Of My Fist On My Chest. I Would Post A Pic. Of The Bruse / Cut But It's Right Next To My Nipple And You Know How TT Feels About Pics With Nipples
  5. about 3-4 more hours up 395 then head west on 50
  6. look at the muscles on that bald head. to many supplements