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  1. Going to colorado in July to ride TaylorPark Gunnison area. Max elevation is 10600ft. Both bikes are currently in Dallas Texas and stock. Where do I get started? BTW, there is no JD Jet kits for these bikes. I just bought the JD kits for mine and sons KTM's.
  2. lesr1234

    wr450 kickstarter issue

    I am looking at buying a 2003 WR450 electric start from a older gentleman who is getting out of riding. He has owned this bike for four years and bought it from the original owner. Great looking bike overall and I know it's a beast for the woods etc. Problem. He says the electric start works fine but that something is wrong with the kickstart and it doesn't engage. He says it happened last year and just didn't want to spend the money and take it to dealer to get fixed. Could be something simple or expensive, he didn't know and since the ES was working he didn't worry about it. Now its time to sell and it's an issue. What do you guys think? He wants $1800 for the bike. Has new chain and sprocket and front brakes in the last six months. He has only had the bike out once this year. LR.
  3. lesr1234

    150F starter question

    Ok, would you know what starter you bought. Was it a generic starter, manufacturer name part numbers etc. The OEM is a Mitsuba SM-15. If there is an aftermarket I do that.
  4. lesr1234

    150F starter question

    My wife has a 2008 CRF150F electric start bike. We have had zero mechanical problems with this bike till this weekend. Road a few times and then went to start the bike and it just kinda spins and buzzes when you hit the start button. Have a battery tender hooked up and battery is fine. Jumped across the leads of the solenoid and it just clicked so I thought bad starter. Pulled the starter motor off and took apart and found some small black broken plastic pieces inside. Looked at it for some time and can't tell where the plastic pieces came from. anyone got any ideas? I hope I don't need a new starter, Honda wants a ridiculous price of $400 bucks. Their crazy! Any thoughts out there. LR. lesrub@aol.com
  5. lesr1234

    TTR125 squeaky noises need fix help

    My sons 2005 TTR125 started squeaking really bad last week. Bike is all stock and gets washed after each ride when really dirty. Have had bike for three years, no squeaking in the past. I tried to oil the swingarm and other suspect areas but still squeaking. Only squeaks when pushing down on seat not when rolling. your help is appreciated. LR.
  6. lesr1234

    Spark arrestor question

    Do you remember what brand or where I can locate something like that. I have never seen one. THX. LR.
  7. lesr1234

    Spark arrestor question

    I have two KTM's a 105 and a 200. Both have FMF shorty pipes. I have not taken them apart, but am told these don't have spark arrestors inside. I came off riding "red" with stock pipes that had arrestors. We plan to start doing some Enduros and these events require a spark arrestor in place. Is there a mod that can be done to make my pipes compliant for race day. I don't want to have to go and buy new silencers. THX. LR.
  8. lesr1234

    power valve pin question

    Does the loose or broken power valve pin failure occur only on the 250/300's or can this happen to any of the KTM's. I own a 105 and a 200 KTM both 2004 models. THX. LR.
  9. lesr1234

    lowering link advice help

    Am interested in lowering my 2004 KTM 200exc about two inches. I know I can cut the seat down, but isn't there an option in a lowering link for the 200? Your help is appreciated. LR.
  10. lesr1234

    What KTM is right for my son?

    Those 105's are hard to come by used and I can't afford new. Actually I have never bought a new bike street or dirt bike, too tight in the pocket book. LR.
  11. lesr1234

    What KTM is right for my son?

    My son measures 5'4" and 115lbs. Not a real aggressive rider but has been in the saddle since 6y.o. and yes the old PW50 also. I'm leaning towards the 105sx as he wil be able to ride it through the rest of the year and probably through spring. What type of flywheel weight and size of rear sprocket should I install for woods riding? LR.
  12. lesr1234

    What KTM is right for my son?

    I just switched from a 2005 Honda CRF250x to a 2004 KTM200EXC and am very happy. Bike was in great shape and has Rekluse clutch. Great woods bike as we are doing Enduros for now. I need to move my son up to his next bike. He currently rides a 2008 CRF150f electric-starter. My son is on the small size for a 14y.o. and the weight of the Honda has hurt him some. I want to get him into a woods bike like I did. Is a KTM105 going to be to small. It seems like the KTM125's are way to tall for him. Can a KTM sx version be turned into a torgey woods bike. They seem to be easy to find at great prices compared to the xc, exc models. Your help is appreciated. LR.
  13. lesr1234

    Did i do OK 2004 KTM200exc

    Decided after competing in a few Enduros that i would get a nice used 2004 KTM200exc and get rid of my 2005 Honda crf250x electric start. Most everyone in the enduro and cross-country racing around my neck of the woods seems to favor the KTM and the 200 is real popular. I got an 04 in awesome condition from a guy with to much money who had just bought a new KTM250xcw. My bike has tons of upgrades and extra parts and runs awesome. Paid $2200. Anything specific about an 04 that I need to know. Are the 2002 - 2005 the same? LR.
  14. lesr1234

    TTR125 LE starter issues

    Your thoughts are needed. My sons 2004 ttr125 electric start started acting up last weekend. It starts up fine using the electric start when cold but after riding for some time you kill the bike and try to restart it using the start button and nothing. Starter doesn't work when hitting the button. Bike will run fine by kick starting it. Let it sit overnight and it will start the next day when cold using start button on handlebars. thoughts? LR.
  15. I just bought my son a 2004 TTR125LE and it appears to be stock except for a Pro-circuit slip-on pipe, not a full exhaust. Starts pretty good but still cold-natured. I see a Joker Jet Kit on Ebay that claims to fix this cold-starting issue and suggests a few other mods to increase HP and performance. Does anyone have experience with this kit and would you suggest it? Thanks.