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  1. txkawboy

    Replace your shift stopper!

    Big thanks to both TT and the OP. NOTE: For easy reinstallation of the stopper and spring at the same time, we used a 3” long bolt instead of the short oem bolt initially, then once we had the stopper and spring seated into the case, we easily swapped in the oem. Tons easier. FWIW tho, jic u r a newbie, we too also only removed the clutch cover and only the clutch assembly. Can also unthread b-lever but just swing it back, leaving its bolt in it and rod connected. Five mins from time we laid the bike over to holding the bad part. Use giant 12” channel lock pliers for the nut’s lock-washer. Trusty Twenty-dollar harbor freight air gun @90psi for the nut; way easier. Scribed the nut to the case for a gauge during retorqueing. Part was $11@good ol RMATV. Our stopper’s bearings were really loose but all there. We got lucky, bc this was an ‘05. Results: Bike went into gear easier/no notchiness after repair, shifts were more definite and less effort. He thot bike shifted fine prior, but I knew better, even tho it will never be quite like my 1986 RM125 was.
  2. txkawboy

    Honda CRF450R 2008

    Excellent. No bike is perfect but this one is the best bike I have ever owned and raced in over 30yrs of bikes, including loads of Honda's. Re the forks, if I am fresh the forks are awesome: the faster I enter huge braking bumps the more amazing they get---but once I am tired or slack off, the more they beat me up on those same bumps. Fwiw, I can revalve my own susp but have had great results only by raising springs to .49 and dropping the outer oil to the minimum. I am 6'2",190lb, top-5 vet mx. Setting your sag is extremely crucial on this bike, will make it climb out of ruts midturn, and toss you off of cupped-out jump-lips if not positively right. If it does not corner every bit as well as a 3rd Gen CR250, it is not set up right. The CR will feel lighter but otherwise the same, in a corner (I have both). Bike likes to ride 'level'. 4mm makes a world of diff. I also like the HSC all the way in on almost every track I ride on. An amazing, do-it-all bike. No wonder China tried to make a 'clone'.
  3. txkawboy

    Honda CRF450R 2003

    Saw this pop up on the side of my page and had to chime in on this wonderful bike. Had two of them. A solid 5/5 for its age, even today. My 08 is def 'better', but I wd hv no prob riding an 03 again. Only feels a tad heavy until u start moving. Feels very much like a CR250 as far as handling, was a neat transition off of years of CR's for me. Do-it-all engine, bone-reliable, typical Honda. And still have backup parts for them btw: a tall SDG seat, radiators, etc, all dirt cheap, if anyone is int'd.
  4. txkawboy

    Motocross Helmet Walkie Talkies

    find the thread i did recently on the intercom we now use. $65ttd and outstanding results. totally VOX with no irritating glitches.
  5. txkawboy

    Anyone use Lucas synthetic motorcycle oil?

    stay away from water-legal 2T oils. use the other one.
  6. For your size and needs, the KTM5 is an excellent choice. Excellent bike period, actually. Look at the classifieds on here and find a plated one would be cheaper and a better find for OR usage than an actual d-sport OEM version at way less dough.
  7. Would you buy Lucas 2T from RMATV if they carried it? We like their Semi-Syn 2T oil a lot for everything but our racebikes, but RMATV says they will not carry it unless enuff requests come in for it. Fwiw, they also offer a Full-Syn 2T oil called snowmobile oil...have not tried it yet tho. For more info, search this site...$22gal and as good as Yamalube-R from what we are seeing. CamP got us on to it from a post he did on here...
  8. txkawboy

    '08 CRF450R clutch not fully disengaging

    fwiw, if u r this new to dirtbikes and are wanting to ride primarily trails, then a KDX200 or KTM 200 would be a better fit, all the wy around...i am on my third CRF450, but they are in no way the trail bikes that these two are, period.
  9. that is the ONE, but note that we bot TWO for $70 shipped...but it is indeed the correct product. As it stands, u can connect 3 riders max, tho we hv only tried two. Product works beautifully so far.
  10. txkawboy

    anybody know how to unscrew a stripped carb screw?

    ...wow; no way would i go to all that trouble if it were me, much less making a huge mess each and time i power-wash the bike or drop it in a woods ride...take three tiny drill bits, and drill a 2mm hole into the head. Each one a size larger, with the final one *almost* the diameter of a Torx20. Tap the Torx20 into hole, and it will usually come right out. Thank Jeff Fredette article from many yrs ago for that one...no other method I have ever used comes close for stripped bolts, b/c even the dry ice method will flat out ruin stuff on fragile dirtbikes.
  11. txkawboy

    Building a single track (harescramble)

    ...hv made many a mile of trail, and unfortunately the overall best way is hard on both man and 'beast': you follow the game trails as best u can, riding it enuff times that u have a permanent obvious trail---THEN u clean it out. Otherwise a trail will always ride way diff than u thot it would, making the job take three times as long.
  12. fwiw, the above jegs/summit can is a great buy, we have bot five of them among us. BUT, do not buy the optional on/off valve, two of us did, and in short order the plastic ball inside the valves in ours became gooey over time! If u need a valve, go buy a brass one from napa. And tho colors are cool/organized, in our experience white is way more user-friendly. Add your $2 grey pvc fitting and 18" clear hose from lowe's, ka-bam, for ~half the VP cost.
  13. txkawboy

    New goggle prices

    To the OP: yep, totally insane. Sort of like phone-carriers, etc---the more they advertise, the higher their prices...we buy top goggles, but wait unitl they are 'last yrs models'/closeout, b/c the friggin FOAM is the FIRST thing to ruin, so---!?! Burns to hear some of these mx-product makers wail about how much they want to 'just give back to the sport', blah blah---when the crap they are selling has a grotesquely high markup on it. Then they are the first to cry foul when china sells their same stuff just minus the logo---what did they expect, "...and greed-begats-greed"!
  14. Hey all, wanted a hands-free wireless intercom that my kid and I could wear inside our helmet on the track, so that I can give him pointers and talk some smack---but without having to sell my house. Finally ran across another dad/son at the track that used this thing here, and swore it was the ticket, so we tried one. Freed-Conn TCOMVB Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Headset. $70 shipped to the door from china, took less than 2wks. WORKS AWESOMELY: Completely hands-free/voice-activated, does not pick up your engine noise, absolutely no voice-delay, crystal clear, sounds like my son is sitting next to me bluetooth 3.0 rechargeable battery via USB/wall charger comes with 2 headsets and everything u need to use them/attach them Transmitter is light and small, attaches via velcro sticker on your helmet, run the speaker wires under your liner and helmet-trim. Velcro speakers are super-thin so fit in center of cheekpad and totally out of your way, even the microphone is smalland fits into mouthpiece area out of the way, is bendable to fit helmet shape. Have not tried connecting to cellphone, fyi. Works thru tree-cover, and we have excellent reception no matter where we are from each other on the track, so far. Would be fun to use for talking smack during paintball wars or keeping tabs on your kid while hunting. http://www.ebay.com/itm/142004940180?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  15. a buddy north of me is a tad lazy, so took his primo CR to his local honda dealer in paris for fork seals. bike came back with way over-torqued leg clamps AND the left leg was so far inward on the axle that the axle was protruding over a whole inch! (and Chris did not double check their work, rode the bike at the track like that a few hrs, and that apparently ruined the bushings, as he is on his 3rd set of seals in less than one yr...). and to think he PAID to have his bike damaged...