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  1. eschonda

    XRL rear shock rebuilders?

    I can rebuild/service most anything you have, as long as it is a rebuildable shock . See ESCHONDA on ebay.
  2. eschonda

    96 XR650L no spark

    Not to change the subject I have a simular ,yet slightly different problem. I have great spark even on the old plug. {put a new one in to eliminate that possibility} , and she just will not fire:confused: . Rode it two weeks ago, worked fine. I checked the valves. They were a .001 tight all the way around. I had CT racing do a port and polish and a CERDI CNC valve seat joba couple mo.'s back so I'm hoping they were just seating in. Anyway I am baffled as to why it won't fire. I even put a battery charger on full boost to spin it faster. Nothing!! I have a 650R model , Edlebrock carb. on it , always has worked great.Starting procedure was no gas, and would always fire on second revolution. Now it spins until the battery is tired, but will not light! Any ideas???
  3. eschonda

    XR 600 head ,on a XR650L ??

    I thought that I read somewhere that the 600r head,had bigger ports, and possibly larger valves as well. That's why I asked. But I need to know for sure ,before I chase one down, I already have a Webb cam, with hardened rockers, 101mm ,11.5-1 piston, white bros stainless header with a Thunder Alley silencer.Edelbrock pumper carb from the xr650r. I know that the head is my limiting factor at this point.I just want the head that will net the most performance .The package rocks at this point already, Just want to put it over the top.
  4. eschonda

    XR 600 head ,on a XR650L ??

    Thanks,guys!! Anyone have someone to recommend on porting this the head?? Thanks!!
  5. Will the xr600r head, fit on a XR650L ?? And is there any performance gains to be had?? Looking for more performance out of the L motor? Thanks!! :
  6. eschonda

    Thunder Alley Exhaust

    Rode my 650L hybrid quad with the new thunder alley on it,again yesterday. WOO-HOO!!! again ,can't say enough. Super improvement over the E series silencer. Unbelievable ,that a mid pipe,and silencer can make that much difference. Hat's off to BOB
  7. I've never seen oneon there for the L . EVER .And I been watching for over 6 mo. Nuff said. Any body ??? :
  8. I have an xr 650L motor in a quad frame, lots of hours and the clutch is getting really hard to pull. I've replaced the cable,so that's out. I'm guessing the basket has begun to groove. Does anybody know of an aftermarket basket for the old girl?? I've searched, but was unable to find anything. Thanks
  9. eschonda

    Thunder Alley Exhaust

    Just had BOB over at THUNDER ALLEY, build me a pipe for my quad which has a built xr650l motor in it. I had a White Bros. E series on it before and it ran OK. BUT, WOW , what a difference, after the thunder alley!! Throttle response is soooo much better on the bottom and mid , with a decent gain on top as well. Stabs at the throttle bring instant sky. Midrange is so strong its scary If wheelies are your game , I'd give it a double thumbs -up. Slightly louder though,to me its not obnoxious till it's wicked wide open.
  10. eschonda

    HC2 & 187 Cam question for the CRF guys

    Ron ,I have a crf450 engineed quad,I strictly dune and hillshoot with it, I'd really like to see 65-70 reliable hp out of it some day. any chance you could do it?
  11. eschonda

    Lost some top end pull!!

    Hey Kelstr, Which way is the sprocket off to get the poor top end, I have been building a CRF engined quad, and can't seem to get the top end performance I've been looking for??. I have checked the timing several times to be sure , and it appears correct, however maybe I've been wrong all the time. Bike won't revout, doesn't pull at higher RPM. At olds ,at glamis ; it just has no power up the hill,and actually popps a lot!!
  12. You need a rewound stator to run lights on the R. You can send your's over to Trail-Tech ,and they will rewind it for you. Will be good for 90 - 100 watts. Talk to Jeff, or Jennifer; about what type of riding you do, as you will need a high strength magnet flywheel as well. Get the proper weight flywheel for your type of riding. :thumbs-up: I did one and it works great.
  13. eschonda

    install crank, difficulty?

    I did it a while back to install a BD wide ratio tranny.I wanted to do it myself , and save some money as well. I did get a shop manual, and it really was not that hard. It was the first motor I had ever split. I was scared at first but, it went really smooth.I had always paid some one to do it in the past. Saved enough to get a big bore kit . If you have any basic mech. skills you can do it.
  14. eschonda

    Motor Swap

    I've got one in a lonestar 400ex chassis. I do'n't know if I have a lemon motor, The thing rips at low end and midrange, however it is a total slug ,when drag racing up the hills!! Has no power on top and will not pull. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=2832615&noquote=1# Mad
  15. eschonda

    650 in a 400 frame, possible?

    Hey Hoss, I've done something like what you're talking about. I bought an '02 "L" pumped up with XR's Only stuff already on it .101mm big bore 10.5-1 piston, Webb cam, hardened rockers, edelbrock "R" pumper carb ,White Bros. stainless pipe. And then wedged it into a 300ex chassis. It was a year long teething process, however ,the end result is a bike everyone drools over. It has the torque of a built Raptor ,but handles better than it ever could hope to. I used +2 400ex a-arms. {bolt right up} Lonestar 250r no-link swingarm,250r axle,calipers,rotor,spindles, etc....... Electric start,torque for days,and waxes 75% of stock and modified bikes. It is a total sleeper. Would not believe how many people drive up after getting spanked and say," What the heck is that thing?!!" The 300ex was really a challenge to get into,however I've seen one in a 400ex chassis after mine was done and it looked like it fit without any problems. Send me your email and I'll send you some pics.