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  1. I enjoyed this thread, thank you Jay.
  2. Sorry man, this is simply not true, There was talk of a merger a few years ago but that was shot down. I did the exact same thing in 2009 and don't miss it a bit.
  3. What is your age and exact actual riding experience both on and off-road.
  4. Awesome, congrats!
  5. I assume you drained the air box/boot as well?
  6. Nice to see at least one person posting up a pic of their hourmeter.
  7. Lol, yes they did.
  8. Do you have any more pics of this bike?
  9. If someone is confident in their own intelligence they probably don't worry about other people assuming if they are stupid or not... especially on a message board. imo of course. Good luck trying to start your dirt bike.
  10. The Cardo Scala-rider Q2 Bluetooth Intercom is a very popular setup.
  11. If it always ran right, you wouldn't need the tuner! lol. Anyway, as I previously mentioned we agree the YZ tuner is fine for most people. It has few enough adjustments that it would be hard for most people to screw it up. It would be nice though in the future to have the option of at least the same amount of tuning power available on the other bikes, if not more. I would love to be able to be able to run a data logger as well.
  12. Kind of like comparing the $2k cheaper 09 YZ with the 2010 YZ huh?
  13. I disagree, in my opinion the use of a laptop is a very good thing. However, it probably wouldn't be for anyone that is interested in the most basic adjustments you can get by with. The KX tuner is head and heels more advanced than the YZ tuner, and that is before you even consider the data logging mode it offers. For anyone that has any experience using a Power Commander or similar devices on their street bikes, they would probably consider the YZ tuner very rudimentary. Which may not be a bad thing, depending on your perspective. I am hoping that before I make my purchase that someone will be selling a more advanced tuning system for the YZ. I am sure most of the top teams are not using the basic factory tuner. YZ Tuner: KX Tuner: