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  1. I replaced most of the bolts with stainless M6 Capheads (Allen Key thingies) as soon as I got the bike home, not sure if I can get the correct amount of torque on them but I aint lost any yet
  2. http://www.fiinternational.com/Restrictors.asp# sell them for the DRZ400
  3. Could I use 2 part expoy resin to stick mine on with, I think I used the wrong silicone and mine have also come loose.?
  4. Cheers Neil your a star
  5. I cant seem to find it in the TT store and the other 2 places dont ship to the UK! help
  6. Thanks guys, the TT store it is
  7. Sorry if this has been covered before guys, I rang a few suzuki dealers in the UK to try and get me a price on the kickstart kit thats offered on the suzuki.co.uk website and every stealer has no idea what Im talking about. So Have any of the guys from the UK managed to source one from the UK? Or am I looking at importing one from the USA? If im looking at getting one from the USA where is the cheapest place to get one? Many thanks. Dave
  8. My bike went through a couple of batteries in 6 months, it turned out a had a bad earth to the frame (85 Ohms!!!) so I ran in a couple of extra earths and its been fine since, the bike even seems to run better now, must be a stronger spark!
  9. '04 Renault Clio 2.0 182, a little french car made from cheese
  10. My mini indicators came with 3 Watt lamps in them, I couldnt be bothered messing around with resisters or flasher boxes, so I modded the indicators to take 23Watt lamps. Problem sorted. Although the extra heat generated will probably burnt out the indicators.