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  1. mrorange

    Sxf 450 2017 piston circlip

    Bux tool video on their web site http://www.buxtools.com/
  2. mrorange

    Dual Sport Worthy Tires?

    Careful with those Kenda’s. I put a set of K-760 Trackmaster II,s on my KTM. It was out of control especially in the sand. The front tire just did not work on my bike. I must have almost crashed 3 times on a 140 mile ride. Not fun. I kept using the rear. In fact I tried a second on the rear with a Dunlop 756 up front. That sort of worked. The rear K-7960 just does not hookup like a Dunlop 756. It’s kind of predictable but you have to be ready for it to break loose. They have tall knobs, they do wear well but they chunk pretty easily. I really liked the price. Most other riders I know like there other off road tires.
  3. mrorange

    best boot...

    Yep. Tech 4 with ATV sole. Just your basic made in Italy offroad boot. Get some spare buckles too.
  4. Their only going to look at bikes from '04 on. It was still legal to dual register an '03 in '04. This whole issue was started by CARB. We don't get to elect CARB members. How many 450 EXC does it take to equal the emissions from a pre '73 car or truck? We can only hope that KTM does make their EXC's 50 state legal like Husky did. I think in a couple of years from now CARB will start smog inspections on motorcycles. Then all the stuff you take off the bike to get it to run right will have to be bolted back on for an inspection.
  5. mrorange

    Setting off stoplights

    I do not like sitting in a left hand turn lane very long. I heard of to many riders being rear ended by a car. I give it one cycle and keep an eye on the mirror behind me. I will turn after sitting at a light if is safe to do. Sometimes a ticket is cheaper than getting run over.
  6. If you bring your GPS don't forget to bring your cable to hook up to their computer. Having a map of the area can help too. You get them at the Discovery Center. The Forest Service is good and there is a mountian bike version that Yellowjacket got for me a few years ago. They both can help. Like Keith says. Use the route chart first. GPS second. Stars third.
  7. $90? Try $140 for Optima Red Tops. Got two under the hood of the 4x4. If you by the cheap battery then you’ll be replacing it every year. My KTM came with a really good Yuasa. It’s 3 years old and has 8000 miles of off road riding. The bike will still crank over even with the radiator fan running. http://www.optimabatteries.com/publish/optima/americas0/en/config/product_info/automotive.html
  8. My Moose fit the same way. I could have ordered them a size smaller (38" instead of 40") too. I use suspenders to keep them pulled up. The knee padding is low when sitting on the bike too. If you read the Moose description it says, “Not sized to wear over riding pants”. I wear them over my regular riding pants with knee guards (not braces) and they fit pretty well. I ride a KTM and have melted a large hole in the right leg where it touches the pipe behind the foot peg. My next pair will be from Aerostitch.
  9. mrorange

    California plates

    This information is at the bottom of there web page. ----------------- My guess is they are probably converting your bike to a “special constructed vehicle” which is legal to do: "Specially Constructed Vehicle 580. A "specially constructed vehicle" is a vehicle which is built for private use, not for resale, and is not constructed by a licensed manufacturer or remanufacturer. A specially constructed vehicle may be built from (1) a kit; (2) new or used, or a combination of new and used, parts; or (3) a vehicle reported for dismantling, as required by Section 5500 or 11520, which, when reconstructed, does not resemble the original make of the vehicle dismantled. A specially constructed vehicle is not a vehicle which has been repaired or restored to its original design by replacing parts." More info from the California DMV website: DMV page These guys do it too: Offroad-only
  10. mrorange

    would this change everything?

    If they end up adding another 50 Lbs to get it California legal then the answer is no.
  11. I think HID is just what you want. I was riding with a guy who installed a HID unit on is KTM EXC. He got a setup for cars from Ebay. He got 2 blubs and 2 ballasts. The bulb was in his stock headlight with a glass lens and he mounted the ballast behind the front number plate. I can't remember the price but I believe it was less than a single unit from Baja Designs and he got 2 bulbs and ballast’s. Sure was bright.
  12. I got to talk to a guy riding a TE-450 at the top of the big Saturday uphill on the Hi Desert 250. He told me he used to have a KTM EXC. He said that on the Husky 1st was to tall and 5th or 6th (I forget how many gears now) was to low and that it would only go about 60+. He said it was a lot like KTM MXC gearing. I got to check the bike out and really kind of liked it. He did say it was or felt taller than the KTM. I'd like to try one out some day.
  13. I’m using a Pirelli M44 up front and a Dunlop 756 on the back of my 450 EXC. I just installed a second set. I’m getting around 1100 miles from both (I reverse the rear at 600 miles). I ride around 10 dual sports per year and weekends in the desert. I do avoid the asphalt as much as possible. This combo works well in sand and hard pack. I also have a GPR steering dampener installed too. I tried a set of Kenda Trackmasters on the KTM and it was totally out of control. It was really bad in sand. The front tire does not work. The rear (I used up two) works okay but it does chunks really fast.
  14. mrorange

    Wet weather gear

    Yep, They all claim "waterproof". I've been using some Acrebis cold/wet weather gloves for off road. I still spray them with a water proofer before a ride. I have not really tested them in heavy rain. You can always wear some latex exam gloves under your riding gloves but then your hands may sweat. To help your hands in wet/cold weather get a pair of Slop Stopper's. You can get them from SICASS or MSR (Malcolm Smith Racing). They are around $30. They are very nice to have when riding in wet brush. I use them when it rains or is cold out. They block the wind too. SICASS
  15. Check out SICASS Racing. They do lighting kits too. This URL is to the switch page in the online catalog. The switch looks thin. Give them a call and see what they can do. http://www.sicassracing.com/shoppingcart/agora.cgi?cart_id=9294936.6266*v65vt5&product=Electrical_Accessories I just installed one of their LED rear tail lights on my '03 450 EXC. It was kind of pricey but now I don't have to worry about the brake light blub anymore.