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  1. nothing wrong with a DT1 filter as L&M run them,best filters out there AND made in central california
  2. check the ads in back of mxa i saw an ad form one of the big shops for a complete topend for $800.00,cylinder,head,valves,rings. a crank was like $250.00
  3. any good auto upholstery shop can make one up for you,in any color they can get,had one made for my old ktm,used the vw seat vinyl for a nonskid seat,should have had my last one done there also
  4. should i pop for the 07 or save some cash on the 06,mostly mx
  5. should i pop for the 07 instead of a leftover 06 and why should i can get an 06 for about 5500
  6. So here is the deal,with the kill switch plugged in,bike won't start,replaced kill switch,same thing.Mind you it will run fine with the kill switch fully unplugged,just like normal,so if I unplug just the black,power side wire and leave the ground plugged in it will start and run fine,but if I touch the 2 black wires together it dies.Already tried the metal on the stator and it was perfectly clean,sooo,I'm a thinking it's the wireharness since it is the positive side that kills it.Any other way to check it?
  7. my bike quit during a race,checked everything,had the same symptons,start the shut off,drained float bowl,checked mainjet,messed with the pilot jet,getting ready to spectate for the weekend and decided to unplug my kill button,fired right up and hasn't gave me any problems since,worth a try
  8. don't know where you are getting the $130 price,you can buy a whole plastic kit for less than that,shrouds only would be about 45-50 bux,if you want to spend that much on parts let me know what you want and i'll get them for you and make some cash oin the side,just kidding