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  1. Thanks for all your input eddie
  2. well i guess i will have to save and buy me a ssw. Does it come with a spark arrestor for state forest rides?
  3. heres my question, i have a drz 400s w a yosh rs-2 I do 50/50 street trail riding and commute. I am i the process of adding stage 1 cams, 436 bb, and fcr 39. Everyonetalks up the ssw. Would it be worth my while unloading the rs-2 on fleabay and picking up a ssw? orshould i save money and keep what i got?
  4. I have a yosh rs-2 full sytem ill sell for 250, rode w for 4000 street miles, no dents like new, laid bike down once on dirt rd, yosh emblem is scrathced other than that its mint
  5. ordered cw 94mm and stage 1 hotcams to install with my fcr cant wait to ride it
  6. Thanks alot guys, 94mm was my original plan til I came across the 95mm anyhow.
  7. I currently have a 2007 drz 400s and I am contemplating on which Big Bore to go with. I am between a CW 436 94mm vs millenium 95 mm 450. I am doing 50/50 street trail and would like top maintain reliabilty while gaining as much power as possible. I have a full system yosh rs-2, 3x3 mod, fcr carb jetted to eddies specs. I am also planning on stage 1 hotcams. ANysuggestions or experiences with either kit? I have searched ths forum thouroughly did not find much comparison between the 2. how relieable is the millenium 450?
  8. thank you for your help ill get a hold of them and see
  9. I just bought a new 06 crf 450. It runs great but i had trouble stalling it in the woods, so i bought a heavier flywheel through trailtech. I put the flywheel on, the next day i started my bike and it will start, kicks a lil harder but i thinks thats due to the added weight, it idles and all, but when i take off through the field and open it up it just starts spitting and sputering and backfiring. It ran fine before the flywheel all i did was wash it before i changed it, so i dunno if it would be the flywheel causing this problem or not it. I just got off a 2 stroke, so im not real familiar with the 4 stroke, but anyones advice or input would be greatly appreciated