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  1. Firstly you will need to put the episodes onto dvd,then make avi's from them using something like "dvd to avi converter".Once you have the avi's saved on your pc you can then use utorrent to make a torrent from them (FIle-create new torrent).You will need a list of "trackers" which you can find on mininova. Once this is all in place set your torrent software to allow maximum upload speed,then leave it all running until others have downloaded the whole file from you. Meanwhile, while all that's going on, sit back crack open a beer and allow yourself to feel good for the joy you're bringing to all of us not lucky enough to live in areas where the programme is shown.A huge thanks to all the people who create these torrents for us.
  2. Speed are showing the Mt Morris Lites today at 3pm,yet the 450's aren't showing until Sunday 10th.....whats that all about??
  3. He ate it!! One busted rad,but i reasoned with him that it was worth it for the pic.............i also told him i wouldn't show anyone this one!!!
  4. Took this one of a mate of mine.
  5. Try Throttle,forget "Supercross the Movie",it's litter.
  6. I took this one of a friend of mine( Tomothy Pastrana!!),liked it so much it had to be my wallpaper for a while.
  7. The fact of the matter is that Everts had just finished his racing career with a pair of flawless wins at the MXDN.To have those wins devalued by the second placed rider pretty much claiming that he could have won had he not been riding for the team,in my opinion gives Everts every right to say what he did.As someone who was there and watched it,i assure you Bubba was second best on the day,and couldn't have beaten Everts had he "wanted" to. For the record i'm a huge fan of both riders,probably more so of bubba,but i try not to let my patriotism cloud my judgement in these things.I can imagine some of the replies had bubba won the two races and Everts claimed that he could have won them if he wanted to!!
  8. I've put it up as there's plenty of interest. Not too sure if i's working,let me know and i'll sort it tomorrow if there's any probs.
  9. I've put it up as there's plenty of interest. Not too sure if i's working,let me know and i'll sort it tomorrow if there's any probs.
  10. I'm someone who downloads the supercross from the excellent people who bother torrenting it for those of us who can't get it.Anyways i thought i'd "give some back". I've managed to get my 21 year old Anaheim video into avi format (i've no idea how i did it!!!!). The footage is about 52 mins long and has the 250 qualifiers and 250 main.If enough people on here are interested in downloading it then i will upload it as a torrent and post when it's on. If you've never seen it then you don't know what you're missing,it's awesome. Let me know folks braaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrppppppppp
  11. Big file so it would be good if people can seed for as long as possible.
  12. Sorry,i thought the question was "does anyone know of a torrent?" ,not "can anybody ruin it for me by posting the results". What a tool!!
  13. Looks like it's a no go as far as i can see:thumbsdn:
  14. Thanks zooyork,this is a link to a bittorrent source for the wm recorder. (not that i condone this sort of behaviour you understand!!!)
  15. Do you know what type of recorder programme you need and who manufactures it? Thanks