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    Have a look at the ttr125 manual it is the complete service manual 610 pages.
  2. Having owned both a ttr250 and a xt600 I would have to say it would be a very difficult transplant, if not impossible.
  3. winmac

    08 YZ 250 Front Brake problem

    I suspect it is the brake line as you mentioned, I've expirenced it with a automotive flex line myself.
  4. winmac

    Calling all E-Line Pipe Guard Users

    I have E-line for a 02 stock pipe fits as you describe, I was a bit dissapointed too when I mounted it.
  5. winmac

    Supercross 2009 preview show on tv Sat.

  6. winmac

    throttle cam

    I have one and love it especally when I'm nearing the end of a 2.5 hour harescramble and I'm completly exhausted. At this point the stocker would be more like a on/off switch the enduro cam allows me to maintain better control when I'm tired, when conditions are bad and I'd say it reduces fatiuge overall.
  7. You will have to completly dissisamble the engine, to isolate the left case. There are several specal tools for the job but you can ussually make do without buy You will need a puller for the flywheel. Whats your plan for repair, replacement or welding. If the crack is minor you could fill it with metal epoxy without dissisambling.
  8. winmac

    atf type F in tranny?????

    Aparently Gas Gas now recomends using atf in their trials bikes, gives the clutch a more consistant feel and less drag on the plates. But I fail to see how using atf will save you some money, atf is about the same price as oil.
  9. winmac

    Yamaha XT600 Valve adjustment problems

    I suspect the engine was not on the compression stroke when you adjusted the valves.
  10. winmac

    Fire road riding

    Not 5 hours ago I almost became a satatisic, A side by side tried to introduce me to his front grill. When he apexed the corner WFO on the two lane logging road his front fender was in the brush on my side, directly in front of me. I don't rember making any conscience decisions, I did lock up the rear and step it out preparing myself for a ride in the woods, at the last moment he drifted wide leaving enough room for me to stand it up and squeek by:mad: .
  11. this may of may not apply to your 1990, The shock on my 85 xt600 had two pre load adjustments a threaded collor on the bottem of the spring, at the top there was snap ring you could move to three different groves. If your shock has the snapring you might be able to lower the preload some more.
  12. winmac

    stock valve stacks

    Looking at a new bike in the near future so I'm not going to put a lot of effort into this just looking for a short term fix. My thought was to convert this over to wr valving, I think it would be a huge improvment considering the type of riding I'm doing with the bike(roots & rocks).
  13. winmac

    stock valve stacks

    would anyone have the stock mid/base valve stack specs for a 02 yz250 2t? I'm hoping to save some time by not having to take it apart first to see what is in there.
  14. winmac

    TTR250 Miss

    I had the sparkplug cap fail on mine, there is a resistor that burns out as a result of the heat. It can be tested with a meter, don't know the spec off hand or you could unscrew the conector from inside the cap remove the resistor and replace it with a solid conductor.