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  1. atc4leaf

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Navy Air Traffic Controller (Instructor)
  2. atc4leaf

    Husqvarna wheels?

    Hausaberg. thats what i remember seeing. thanks. just trying to find more sm conversion options. and yes for the sm wheels. fleebay auction for husky sm wheels. pretty new set for 700 (starting bid).
  3. atc4leaf

    Husqvarna wheels?

    I've seen a thread some where, but my limited computer knowledge has run me in a wall. Does anyone know if husky wheels are the same as KTM, fit wise? lookin for some 17" for sm conversion. i've seen the thread on KTM wheels. lots of help thanks.
  4. lookin to find some good places to ride. Any thoughts?
  5. atc4leaf

    NAS Pensacola

    i own a green and black DRZ, but with no TT cover. AC school house