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  1. I am an idiot. I have a 2005 110 with the Brand X Mini's 143 kit. Some nice/cheap aftermarket billet from EpicRace.com, tall seat, Cernic's graphics and other goodies. My last purchase was a Jardine pipe (great deal, got it from eBay for $120 shipped). Only problem is, I threw all my stock stuff out and I think that I left the spark arrestor in that box and now I moved to Cali. To get a green sticker for OHV use and stay legal, I need the spark arrestor. Anyone have one that they do not plan on using? Chuck chas9777@charter.net 909-987-9879
  2. chuck517

    Where to buy Kawasaki parts online?

    BikeBandit.com has a great selection of OEM and aftermarket stuff.
  3. chuck517

    Don't buy this fuel screw .....

    After 2 month's worth of headaches, my aftermarket fuel screw from andersonautomatics.com fell out. Well, I put my original back in and backed it out 2 turns and my bike has roared back to life. It never really fit right and had a lil wiggle to it. It also got real loose if backed out more than 1 turn. They have responded to my complaints and have admitted that they have a fit issue with Kaw 450 FCR carbs. I guess there is something different between this and other models. They have also refunded my money and said they will work on getting the correct fit for the fuel screw, so they are good guys as well. I would buy from them again. This part is being sold on eBay as well as their website. Be careful, it looks like another brand's screw as it is anodized red with a 1 thru 6 numbered knob. Chuck
  4. FYI Ah hah! Anderson has responded and stated that they have uncovered a fit issue with the Kaw FCR carbs?!?!?! How could it be different than the others?
  5. Well it must have been the bent baffle in the silencer. I replaced my silencer and it was still messed up. After my aftermarket fuel screw (that I put in after the bike started sputtering) fell out after adjusting, adjusting, adjusting, I placed my original back in and backed it out 2 turns and all is well. The aftermarket Fuel Screw was bought on eBay from andersonautomatics.com and they have yet to respond to my criticism of their poorly fitting fuel screw. It never really felt secure and wiggled a little. If I backed it out more than 1 full turn it would spin from the vibration of the bike running. I tried stretching my spring etc and no go. I should have known that that was probably my secondary trouble. Anybody else have luck with them? Thanks for all of your help and suggestions. Chuck 517
  6. I had my original screw... a spring from a pen (cut down) and a washer and o-ring from Ace Hardware and we're back in business.
  7. My aftermarket fuel screw on my 06 Kaw 450 FCR carb spun itself out yesterday and has gone MIA. I wanna race this Sunday but can't find a replacement. All I have is the orig screw and no other parts. Any help would be greatly apreciated... Chuck
  8. Thanks, I'll try my buddy's stock pipe, go back to all stock settings and see where that gets me.
  9. I've become suicidal trying to get my fo-fiddy running right. My bike had started cutting out and stalling after coming off a handful of throttle. My plug was rather black and I would get some smoke, so I figured it just needed leaned out a lil. I worked the air screw from 1 - 3 turns out without any change. I bought the JD kit and used there basic setup and it got worse. So I backed my main all the way back to a 170 and I can keep it from stalling but now it pops under heavy acceleration and sounds real "throaty" like I'm running in too high of a gear. I still get the black smoke and some occasional backfiring. There are few possible issues that may have "fueled" my current problem and all happened right before it started.... 1) A rather nasty cart-wheeling crash that bent my silencer. I was able to straighten it out pretty well but there is a small kink in the baffle element that holds the packing in. 2) I bought some aftermarket filters and use No-Toil (The bike did run clean on these before it got hot out). 3) Weather change - it's warmer and more humid than all other times I had ridden it without the problem. I plan on going back to my oem filter and all oem settings tonite and start again. Any other thoughts? I heard about changing to the 55 leak jet, is that a good idea? Which jet is that? I have my schematic and am a lil lost.
  10. chuck517

    Just for fun. lowest serial number

    Better late than never..... 1716
  11. chuck517

    Has anyone replaced there wrist pins yet?

    Oh crap, I just ordered my new piston! I was (un)informed that the issue was with the construction of the piston and the lack of a properly constructed center support. Basically the piston was flexing and putting undo pressure on the pin which was causing the gualding (sp?) and a point of a failure. I may add that this is all speculation by some decent mechanical folk. Vet, by the way, I was formerly known as GhettoMX over on Mototalk but gave it up because it was getting my blood pressure elevated on a regular basis. Nice talking to ya again.....
  12. chuck517

    General Jetting Question

    Rich is most likely the case as my plug was a lil dark... I never really messed with the air adjuster much and just learned a ton over in the Jetting forum. Thanks
  13. chuck517

    General Jetting Question

    Thanks for the heads up, I never even realized that there was a jetting forum........suuuuhhhhweeeeet!
  14. chuck517

    General Jetting Question

    Since everybody is probably going from dry winter to humid spring time weather, have you had to make any changes to your jetting, air adjuster, etc? My bike just started acting like it was loading up a little when I go from idle to accelerate. Basically every corner or anytime I get on it from an idle state it bogs, which causes a noticeable engine breaking effect and then it revs out like normal. Weird. I also just had to straighten out my silencer baffle after a head over heels (or is it heels over head) incident and I wonder if that little kink in the baffle can be causing some problems. Any advice?
  15. chuck517

    Looky at what I found - case junk

    Gents, here are the pics of the metalic shavings/chunks that were found in my right case and the oil screen waste material. After a recent gear-jumping incident (see earlier post about the possible detent bolt by me), I pulled my right case to check out the detent issue etc and all was good. I did find some shavings/junk in my case and am now sitting in the middle of a battle between Kaw and my dealer to see if someone will pay to have my cases split to see where this crap came from. As a precaution, I checked the cam drum bolt and the clutch lock lever nut and re-torqued them with some fresh blue loctite. They were tight from the factory and all else looked good in the case except for the shavings that I found (see pics below). The pic represents about 1/2 to 1/3 of what I originally found but was all I could shake and pickup with a magnet from my shop towels (this was done because Kaw wanted me to send them a picture of what I found). I found no evidence of shavings in my oil (I just cheese-clothed it) and on my aftermarket magnetic drain plug (accept for the very fine ones that it catches all the time). My hope is that (1) the bike jumping out of gear was a fluke and (2) the shavings were just leftover from the manufacturing process as they were only in that right case (I checked the service manual and if I remember correctly the oil flow looks like it comes from the gear side and then heads toward the filter, so they could have been there all along and were too heavy to pick up, who knows). I suspect otherwise and it is my neck on the line when I crack 3rd and 4th gear and huck myself over jumps, etc and I just want to make sure that this bike is running correctly before I can place my trust in it again. I have been a big fan of the Kaw's since I was 13 and would not own any other brand. I have always used the best oils (Amsoil, etc) and am meticulous in how I care for my bikes and I have never had my trust in these machines shaken until now. My 2003 KX250 ran better when I sold it than the day I bought it (and that was with over 70 races on it without 1 fouled plug and only 2 top ends and 1 clutch - Amsoil throughout and Engine Ice since new). I just want this to just go away so that I can continue to sing the praises of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. My concern is that if nothing is found (well that's an impossibility since I found metal) and everybody is going to be looking at me to pick up the labor (at least 6 hours). I baby my bikes and always use the clutch when gear-changing, etc... so I am 100% sure that it is not from abuse. My website with clickable/enlargeable pics of the oil screen and shavings (note: i used a dime to demonstrate scale) - http://mysite.verizon.net/vze6nu2k/id7.html Photo of case junk - Photo of oil screen junk (sorry, a lil blurry) - http://mysite.verizon.net/vze6nu2k/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/.pond/oilscreenjunk.jpg.w560h420.jpg $5 and 1 new NGK plug to anyone who can identify the junk. (I would best describe it as about 1/3 of a thin 8mm thread with some type of nodules evenly spaced on the shavings. Click on my webpage and enlarge the photo for best/largest possible image. I looked the entire svc manual over to see what might produce something like that and I am at a loss, all I can consider is maybe the end of a splined shaft with the evenly spaced nodules and all, we won't know until someone relents and takes a look). Chuck 517