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  1. mvc

    Oil change

    I change oil and filter every 5hrs no matter what bike/riding I do. Also a lot of factory teams and faster riders do not use full synthetic because it's to slippery and the clutch wears out faster.
  2. mvc

    Best bars for me.

    I had a 08' KX250F and I used the 996 Stewart bend. I'm 5'11" and the bars fit me better than the Carmicheal bend. The pro I sold the bike to seems to like the 996 bend also. MC.
  3. mvc

    bogging at highway speed

    I had the same problem with a 620 SMC KTM. It was running out of gas... put in a larger main jet and fixed the problem. MVC.
  4. Question for tuners out their... of all the 09' 450s, which one handles the best (for MX) after a basic revalve (under $1000)? I'm in the market for one and I've found unless your a sand dune drag racer, most people can"t use all the power of a 450, and engines are a lot easier to change than handling. Thanks. MVC.
  5. mvc

    works suspension

    Thanks for the replies. I have a 08' KX250F. I thought the stock suspension was OK, but nothing compared to my 07' YZ250F. So I had it revalved by FC, and it was much better. Then I rode Burns old practice bike with works RG1 suspension and the difference was night and day. You literally float over bumps that would pound you into submission. Now I know how the top pros can go so fast for so long, and not fall off the bike. Imagine how the factory bikes suspension are! MVC.
  6. Maybe I,m crazy, but after riding a bike with works suspension, I'm considering buying it. Any suggestions/experience with works stuff? I know PC and FC sell it. PC told me they can change the lugs out so you can use it on different bikes. As it's around $6500, I plan on keeping it awhile. MVC.
  7. mvc

    Im Stumped 250F or 450F Kawi?

    I agree with a lot of you, and I am debating the same thing myself. I've ridden and raced (MX) on everything from a KTM 520 to a YZ 250 two stroke. For racing MX it really depends on the track. Sand tracks, fast tracks really favor a 450, hard pack, tight tracks are good for 250fs. Two things to consider are the starts and fatigue. It's very hard to get a good start (I race the vet class) with a 250f against 450fs, so your playing catch up all moto, eating roost and taking crappy lines and getting tired. However, if your out play riding or practicing, a 250f is a lot of fun because, well, you feel like a hero, holding it wide open and 'feeling' like your going faster. It's true, 450 engines last longer and are cheaper in the long run, but are heavy powerful machines, and if your going to compete with them, you really need to be strong and in shape. I know, I've seen people die on them. Hey, I just talked myself into a 450, now excuse me while I go to the gym. MVC.
  8. mvc

    Engine rebuild

    I am going to send my 08' engine out this winter for a tear down/rebuild. Any suggestions on companies? MVC.
  9. mvc

    rear tires

    I don't even own a honda 450 ( I've owned two in the past), but this is wear most of the motor-heads seem to be. I heard today through someone that the top 450 pros all use 100/19 rear tires. Any truth to this? MVC.
  10. mvc

    White Monster Pro Circuit

    Best looking bike I've seen, ever. MVC
  11. mvc

    factory connection suspension

    It was $615.00 for a revalve and a little works trickery. Was able to retain my stock springs. MVC.
  12. mvc

    factory connection suspension

    Just a quick note; just rode with revalved suspension from FC on an 08'. Am very happy with it so far, the forks are night and day difference, the shock is very good too, just not as improved as the forks are. The biggest difference I feel is the cornering and fast straights, very, very planted. I finally feel like my old self on a MX track. Is it the best stuff out there? Don't know. If I was rich, with a few identical bikes, with revalves from different companies I could answer that question. But I do know one thing, this is my second revalve from FC (different bikes), and my third will be from FC. MVC.
  13. mvc

    Stripped oil drain plug

    What is stripped, the drain plugs (there are two) or the fill plug? I really don't think you want to replace the case, in any case (no pun intended). Get a heli coil, follow the instructions ( it's easy) and moto the same day. If it's one of the drain bolts I would pour some oil through the engine, drain bolts removed, to flush out any alum shavings. MVC.
  14. mvc

    08 250f Died...

    MXA said some bikes have faulty wiring harnesses. Their test bike had a bad one and it would start but would not stay running. Kawasaki replaced the whole harness. MVC.
  15. mvc

    Renthal Twinwall bend?

    Funny you asked, I've been using the carmichael bend on my 08' and I'm not really crazy about them, so I bought the Emig/Stewart bend this morning. Also someone " in the know" said the Emig/Stewart bend was the most popular bend on the national circuit. I'm riding with them on sunday, so I'll let you know how I like them, if you want. MVC.