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  1. if any one can give me a pic of how thor sentinel chest protector should be cut to have a leatt brace fit in it then please send me it...thanks
  2. thanks...but the foam goes in between the 2 leatt cup things?
  3. ma5177

    neck braces

    can u show me a pic of how it needs to be trimmed and how it fits?
  4. if u kno how to fit the leatt brace into the thor sentinel or u already wear it like that then please tell me how and if its good or not
  5. ma5177

    neck braces

    how do u fit it in with a thor sentinel?
  6. ma5177

    Leatt w/ chest protectors

    can u show a picture of how u put a leatt into a thor sentinel
  7. ma5177

    neck braces

    what are some other neck braces that are like the leatts but arent the leatts
  8. ma5177

    motocross song

    or im probably wrong and that is the song
  9. ma5177

    motocross song

    ive heard that one but i heard that there was another one out there
  10. what is that one rap song thats about motocross? and if you kno any other motocross songs please tell me
  11. Bought my wife a 2007 yamaha wolverine 350 4x2 and she loves it . Its an automatic with decent enough suspension easy to ride
  12. Looking for a jetting guru, my son has a yz 125 and has been running rich and fowling plugs. The areas we ride is about 3000 ft, the bike is stock pulled the carb apart and looks like the main jet says 420 and the pilot doesnt say anything the needle is on the 3rd clip. I dont have the manual for this bike any input would be helpfull thanks mike
  13. ma5177

    Yamaha 250WRF vs Honda 250 CRFX (which to buy?)

    I have the wr and have riden the x and didnt like it , didnt seem to handle as well as my wr and the wr has more power after you open it up JMO
  14. Ive read many threads on this issue and still am unclear. What is the best way to achieve yz timing on the 05 wr? Do I buy yz cams and use stock timing? do I need to buy hot cams? Is the decompression pin on the yz cam usable on the wr? thanks in advance Mike
  15. ma5177

    02 yz 125 HELP

    I just picked up a 2002 yz 125 for my son who is moving up from a crf 150 . The bike has been barely ridden but needs service and he couldn't find the manual. I cleaned the air filt, changed the spark plug now I need to change the oil. What kind or weight of oil do you use and how much?? the case says 650c3, how much is that in Quarts? how do you check the level? thanks in advance MIKE