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  1. bdm626

    Ever ride in Turkey?

    I did! A couple years ago I was there on business and stayed over for the weekend and went riding with Taurus Trax (www.taurustrax.com). Highly recommend it. That is all. -Brian
  2. bdm626

    YZ or CRF ?

    Seems to me that that CRF vs. KXF vs. RMZ vs. YZF vs. SXF comparisons are pretty arbitrary. They are all great bikes. For me it depends on dealer quality/location and other minor issues like "what's my favorite color?" and "the EFI tool on YZF is really nice" and "SXF e-start is nice" and other minor stuff like that. They are all amazingly good bikes. It's just really tough to decide.
  3. With a ProLites rider in 4th overall, does it seem possible that if one or more of the top guys were on a 250F would they still be in the same position? To put it another way, is a 450F actually faster in the GNCC-type woods races, or do the factories just put the fastest guys on 450s 'cuz that's what they want to sell? I have a feeling that a 250F would actually be a better bike for Eastern woods riding, but in the West there are so many long, steep, ugly hill-climb situations, the bigger motor is probably an advantage. As always, I'm trying to decide on my next bike and I'm craving a smaller-lighter machine, but I love the big-bore power so I'll probably continue with the open-class type of bike. Thoughts? Brian
  4. bdm626

    Baja Racing: It’s Not for Everyone

    Hi Scotty, I couldn't agree more. Suggestions and guidance from those TT'ers you mentioned and others were a huge help to me and a friend who entered the Baja500 last June. We both tried to solo. Neither of us finished, but it was an incredible experience I'll never forget. Baja racing takes serious preparation and can have serious consequences. Being without a support team increases the difficulty. A guy we met at our hotel broke his leg and had to be helicoptered out for medical attention. His brother had to spend the rest of the day figuring out how to get the bike back to their truck in Ensenada. A mexican family graciously offered to put the bike in their pickup and take it to Ensenada. Amazing. Just one example of what can happen. Again, thanks to all who helped us with good advice and prep tips. All the best, Brian
  5. Sounds like a cool trip. Do you speak French? From everything I've heard & read, something like a Honda XR400 would be best. Aircooled, reliable as a stone & mechanically simple. Unfortunately you can't get a new one anymore, but lots of used and can possibly get new in other countries. The Yamaha and Honda have frequent oil change requirements since they are really race bikes. Between the two, I've heard more positive reliability reports about Yamaha, plus I think they have better WW dealer coverage than Honda. I know some Yamaha WRs were in the Dakar rally. Don't know about CRFX's. Between the three you're probably best off with the DRZ since it's designed for more mileage, ie not a race bike.
  6. bdm626

    Why did the trials bike work so well?

    If you watch him, he really took advantage of the tight turning ability of the trials bike. He was way to the inside on most corners. Also, the guy's from Central PA, he's probably been riding crap like that course all his life. Most PA trails look pretty similar to that course.
  7. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4039459#post4039459
  8. Much of what they do in trials involves brief bursts of incredible speed. I rented "World Trials Outdoor Championship 2003 " and it was incredible what they could do. No surprise that trials guys do well at E'cross.
  9. bdm626

    Endurocross Results

    I think all three werel on 250 2-smokes
  10. bdm626

    Help my dad find a bike

    I sold my 2001 WR250F for $1700 earlier this year. Was hoping to get more, but I guess the pre e-start versions sell fairly cheap. They are fast, light, excellent modern suspension, and great handling. That's what I'd recommend. E-start is nice, but they're not that hard to kick start, especially if it means you get a bargain price. For that matter, an older well-maintained YZ250F would be good too.
  11. bdm626

    Road ride Saturday morning?

    Sure, we can put the cooler in your trunk ;-) PM me if you're serious. Brian
  12. Something I always wanted to do .... I'm going over to SportBikeRental.com on Saturday morning and doing a 1/2 day rental (probably on a Yamaha R6) and taking a ride up into the mtns near Vegas. I'm coming in from PA on Friday to watch the qualifiers and currently doing this road ride solo. Let me know if any TT'ers are interested in joining me. Meet at 9am at SBR (their address is on their website). Or post a reply and we can figure out how to meet up. btw, I'll be taking it easy as I've never ridden a sport bike before. No 90mph wheelies or stoppies ... this time ;-) Lemme know, Brian
  13. bdm626

    MikeKay practicing for Dakar

    9043 Kilometers = 5619 miles http://www.dakar.com/2007/DAK/presentation/us/r1_4-les-chiffres.html