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  1. Remember that Bub won 3 SX last year on the underpowered 2 stroke.And he wasn't whining until the outdoors,when RC was back in his element.Will he stay in 1 piece until the Nats?RC didn't cry about KWs 4 stroke advantage in '02-wasn't that a PERFECT SEASON on a CR250?Bub just can't stand 2nd,and someone else being "the Man".
  2. You know the sad thing about shootouts - many riders have to base their choice on what the mags say-not a lot of bike shops around who let ya take it for a spin...
  3. Wow-You put a snowmobile motor in the CRF frame?Long ago there was a company that did that called ROKON.How do ya like it?
  4. I put the forks from my '04 250X on my '05 450R just to experiment,just loosened the clamps and slipped out the fork legs and wheel.Was going to change the shock over too,but I thought I'd do one at a time.Didn't get a lot of time to try it out-snow-but it felt better.BTW I have stiffer springs in the X forks.Thinking about revalving the R forks.
  5. Didn't he go to different forks on his X?Like the old conventionals?Seems weird when he could have the USDs dialed to his liking.He runs a 17 oz. flywheel too.Does anyone know if he's running a stock motor?I bet he misses the old 600.
  6. I've heard the '02 was really smooth,can anyone compare an '02 powerband to an '05?I mean actually ridden both?I have an '04 X,and feel very confident on it,you can go much faster than you think because of the Xcellent handling and smooth power.I didn't want a 450X because of the wgt,and while all the mags are pumped about the 250X,the 450 hasn't gotten the greatest reviews.I thought about bigboring the 250,but the posts on here about reliability make you think twice.I'm really happy with my X,just would like a bit more power w/o changing how controllable it is.In a long race,I'd give up a little power to be able to charge longer.Thanks for the replies.
  7. I just got an '05 450R and plan on riding a few harescrambles on it.I know you'll say get in shape,but I had a 250X that I could ride forever.Any ideas on smoothing out the power on the 450?Is it possible to swap cams/piston with an '02?I'm going to install a heavier flywheel,and maybe an autoclutch.I heard the '02 was more mellow power,which should help in a 3 hr race.Thanks.