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  1. yzfNate

    Used Race Bike?

    Then why don't you get a 2006 yz450f?
  2. yzfNate

    Putting on aftermarket seatcover

    How do the mounting bracket come off? I can't find the screws holding it.
  3. Is it possible to put on a seatcover on over the stock cover.
  4. 2003 yz250f Fmf titanium4 with powerbomb header. Bills complete. Pro circuit T4/Ti4.
  5. yzfNate

    225lb rider yz250f

    How much do you weigh? Did you get your suspension tuned, if so who tuned it? I was just riding around the yard and I saw the fron fork almost completely bottom when I let off the throttle. I'm afraid I'll lose a bunch of weight after I get it tuned also.
  6. yzfNate

    225lb rider yz250f

    I have a 03 yz250f and I weigh 225lbs. The bike carries me fine and will even pull wheelies with ease up to 3rd gear. Should I get my suspension tuned because of my weight. I ride woods and very little jumping (every double I tried to clear I caseda 40ft, 50ft, and 56ft).