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  1. ive had 2 honda 250fs lock up because the bolt and clip that hold the crank bearings in backed out and push on the side of the crank, split cases just to use better locktite
  2. timing off 1 tooth? had my 450 like that once would run great down low but wouldnt rev
  3. how far back can you go when buying used wheels for current 450s? will a set of wheels from a 2000 cr250 work? anyone know how old u can go?
  4. what would be the best one to use? and how do those of you running stabilizers like them, and what brand do you think is the best? scotts, rtt, gpr, ect and does anyone have one they want to sell by any chance? bike is 06 crf450
  5. Honda

    stock crf450s are 50.. i have no idea what the quad is, but i can tell you my pr2 CRF250 is puttign out 45.9hp at the rear wheel, and my CRF450 also done by pr2 is approx 63hp
  6. Honda

    anyone have experience with this? changing the whole head, cam, valves, ect from a CRF onto there trx450r? (oh and going to swap to a CRF cdi also) and what about a crf flywheel? is it lighter?
  7. $5800 OTD in pa.
  8. first pic is my ice tires others are ones ive found on the net
  9. fairly happy before it wasnt perfect but pretty good, and yes had the 06 on for awhile.. has quite the bog to it
  10. 06 head, 04 motor, 04 carb (the before it went bigger) and a full FMF pipe, sea level... and suggestions?
  11. 06 head, 04 motor, 04 carb (the before it went bigger) and a full FMF pipe, sea level... and suggestions?
  12. Yamaha

    trying to help out a friend who has one that runs like crap... looking for the original setting for a baseline, its so far out it isnt funny and he has no manual, can sombody help me please? oh and also if andbody has and good settings for around sea level, aftermarket exhaust, (no idea what brand it is but its very high flow, big core) unifilter and no box lid, oh.. and its around -5 outside (22F ???) please help he has a ice race tommorow and things arnt looking good....
  13. u can swap the plugs, ive used the newer plugs in old models and old plugs in the new ones no difference, but i would never use a 04 head again.. compleat trash unless u plan on getting aftermarket valve seats installed on it
  14. -lights -tank -rear fender -rads -CDI box -pipe -cyl. head -camshaft -subframe -airbox -tranny ratios -electric start -suspension valving -sprockets umm might be more im forgetting