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  1. burkej62

    86 husky

    WOW I can't finmd any parts for this motor! Is there any cheapish 500 motor with parts that are readily avaible?!! I'll just ebay this motor.. got any rough amount this things go for?
  2. burkej62

    86 husky

    I am not sure if the igniton is good or not, i do know the flywheel/charger whatever it is was damged while romvoal
  3. burkej62

    86 husky

    Well, its only the motor i took out of the bike for my kart im builiding and it needs to be rebuilt and may need some new parts as well, the rest of the bike will be going on ebay . The motor if i can get it rebuilt for a resonable amount will go on my race kart and if i cant i guess ill just have to ebay it .... i was just wondering if any one has any part sites or refecne sites for the numbers
  4. burkej62

    86 husky

    I need a little help , i have what i believ is a 1986 500 cross crounty but im not sure, the engine number is 2063 0127 I was wondering if any one could help me out a little here and point me to where i could check this... Any one know where i could get prts for this motor anyway?? thanx