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  1. Hale-Yes

    TTR125E to a WR125F (Or the bike Yamaha should make)

    Greetings. If any one wants, I will come with a price to fab up your swingarm for you. You will need to come up with the aluminum TTR125 LE swingarm and the aluminum YZ 85 swingarm, and send them to me, and I will cut/jig/weld/and paint them (yea, there painted with aluminum paint from the factory, so when you weld them up, you burn the paint) and send them back to you. Ed...
  2. Hale-Yes

    New Bike?

    Look at E-Bay! You may find one listed in your own town! Good Luck!!! Ed..
  3. Hale-Yes

    TTR125E to a WR125F (Or the bike Yamaha should make)

    Greetings. I am not sure what year the TTR 125 LE started using the aluminum swingarm, But the the helpful guys at TT Parts can find it for you. Thats where I bought mine. I did see one on E-Bay some time back. Ed...
  4. Hale-Yes

    TTR125E to a WR125F (Or the bike Yamaha should make)

    No, not at this time. the motor runs sweet, and austin is eleven years old, so I think we will just try to rack up some miles here in the desart and across the border in northern baja ( only 30 miles to the south). I do plan to fab a skid plate. I allso bought a set of big wheels, but I think he needs to grow a bit be for we put them on ! Ed...
  5. Hale-Yes

    TTR125E to a WR125F (Or the bike Yamaha should make)

    I did the front end first (after reading some posts on TT) swaped it out for an new 05 YZ85 unit I found on E-Bay, wheel, brake, forks, T. clamps and finder. I added a Baja D. lighting kit and Moose racing hand gards. motor work, BBR stage 1 cam,Pipe,Jet kit,air box mod.,BBR air cleaner. On the rear end I used a new LE rear shock and aluminum swingarm (from TT parts. The best price around !) I cut the arms off and welded on the YZ 85 arms, added a YZ 85 rear wheel and brake setup. Cut the brackets from a YZ 85 frame (E-Bay $22.00 + $32.00 shipping) R.Brake lever is a YZ 85 and a TTR125E welded togather. Thats about it. Ed...
  6. Hale-Yes

    TTR125E to a WR125F (Or the bike Yamaha should make)

    I allso swaped out the cam for a BBR stage one, runs sweet. Ed...
  7. I am not sure where it all went wrong. This project started innocently enough a father's desire to ride with his eleven year old son, to show him the ancient riding grounds of his youth, to point out the petrified track of a DT-1 yamaha, and over there the tracks of a pack of 400 Husky's. And there, in the parched desart soil, a scar gouged from the earth by a wide eyed KTM 495 racer! O for the smell of casteroil again! Well, first we need bikes. So after some reading I buy a new WR250F, and ride it a day or two. I tear it down. I order an over size tank, the suspention is sent to Factory Conection, the tires are scraped for maxxies and heavy tubes, we do the gray wire, the air box ,YZ cam and cam timing , jet kit, FMF Pipe, tall seat foam, pegs, grips,bars, tripple clamp, Well, you get the idea. Now for my sons bike. I start looking for a good kids trail bike. Something thats easy to ride with a tuff reliable limited fourstroke motor and state of the art suspention and brakes. We will need lights front and rear so he's not run over. And electric start. We need a WR 125F! What do you mean thay don't make one! A TTR 125E? Well thats a good place to start butt, and here are the pictures. Injoy!
  8. Hale-Yes

    YZ85 Swingarm Question?

    Greetings This is what I did. First get a aluminum swingarm from a TTRL125. then get a YZ85 swingarm (allso aluminum) Make a jig to bolt the Yz arm into. (Use the swingarm bolt and the axil bolt. make a spacer to fit between the arms. bolt it down) carfully cut the arms off at the welds. use a cutting wheel on a grinder. now cut the arms off the TTR swingarm. Mount the YZ arms to the TTR swingarm bace in your jig. line it up, bolt it in the jig so that it will not move and weld it up. your yz wheel will bolt right up! You did say that you were a good fab guy, right ! If your carefull it is not that hard and looks like OEM ! Good luck Ed...
  9. Hale-Yes

    YZ450F in the dunes, go or no go?

    Sand eats power!! The more power you have, the more fun you will have in the sand. Start slow and learn the terrain. Speed up as your skill improves. watch for cuts and dropoffs, they can and will kill you. If the wind has blown, it's a new landscape, look before you leap. The dunes are a blast, but treat them with respect or they will eat you!!! Good dune bikes, 495 KTM, 500 CR