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  1. suprageezer

    Motor oil?

    On my 2004 XR400, I'll be running Castrol 0W-30 European Formula, a true Group IV oil during this winters season. I ride mainly during the winter in the southern California deserts. the bike has a cooler, and an scoop fan assembly I made for it. The oil temps are down a good 20-30° during long hard riding. I hope to stabilize my oil temps right at 200F using this oil
  2. suprageezer

    Why did you choose XR400 over XR600?

    Cause Im only 5'6 150lbs and can barely touch the ground on the XR400 let alone an XR600 LOL
  3. suprageezer

    best bike you have ever owned?

    I love my 2004 XR400, but my RM465 I have to say is the best bike I have ever had. It's sitting in the garage to one day rumble the southern California deserts again.
  4. suprageezer

    JB Weld Crankcase Fix

    I once took a rock in my engine case cover that put a hole about the size of a tennis ball. I used the true wonder epoxie Devcon F, I removed the case cleaned it removing all traces of oil, placed a peice of stailess steel mesh on the inside as flush as I could get it, blobed the Devon F Aluminum putty into the hole encasing the mesh in putty, let dry for 24 hours, filed and sanded the outside so perfect you couldnt tell there was ever a hole there. I rode this bike for another tens years. One of the best things about thisa stuff is oil and heat wont cause it to allow liquids to weep through like JB weld does. Another thing about Devcon F is you can drill and tap it, this stuff will repair anything aluminum on vehicles, Ive used on thermostat housings, water pump housings and many other places with 100% long term sucess. Devcon F is 80% aluminum powder the rest a two part space age epoxie. Devcon Putty comes in all metals including gold which is used by NASA. Incredible stuff, I buy mine through McMaster-Carr.
  5. suprageezer

    The loose bolt cure

    Properly created Torque values on nuts are bolts are done almost always done wet, antiseize, nickle and copper, Maalox yes the medicine kind, loctite, or oil. If you don’t use something, the torque the wrench register is not from proper stretch but from metal to metal galling which can occur at all kinds of variable true torque values. For instance, if its stainless, you cant come close to proper true torque values without using nickel antiseize. In high vibration conditions like ORV engines Loctite is the way to go, these anaerobic thread lockers allow to achieve the true torque specs. Now if its subjected to high heat the nickel anitseize is your best friend if you ever want to easily remove it, remember the bolt or nut stays because of the proper torque. If you ever have question about the torque values, these are universally established by size and can be easily found with a simple google search.
  6. When asked by someone if they can ride my bike I consider their abilty to repair then give them this line, Sure as long as you agree to, you die you buy, meaning you kill my bike, you pay to fix it. I once had a friend ask to ride my RM465, he rode a 250, I told him sure, you die, you buy, he asked what that meant, I explained, he says F that, I said, guess you aint riden bike then, by the end of the day, his bike was toast, he totally abused it showing off and over reving, never rode with him again.