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  1. Sweet looking build nice job
  2. Sweet ride,I'm looking for one myself I think what the side cases look like is a big sign on the hours on the bike
  3. Is this bike for sale now? Thanks mike
  4. Thanks for the info,I think I can swing it with your explanation ,thanks!
  5. How do you get your frame looking that clean? Nice
  6. Now you need to change that screen name Now you need to change that screen name
  7. where did you order the graphics from? Thanks mike
  8. Did you have much welding to do to mount the engine?
  9. Great thread and sweet rides nino,I'm curious why you chose an 09 crf frame over any others? Was it just a matter of opportunity or was there intent,thanks mike
  10. That's a steal!
  11. Is that a modern style front fender? How did you get it to fit or does it just bolt on?
  12. It's sweet,no I'm number 100.we used to bang bars a looong time ago in the 125 am class
  13. Monk,I don't NEED new forks ,but if you have an older ktm,you would know how poor the stock forks are,even revalved.I do have a set of jap forks I could try
  14. Is it for sale rob?
  15. Anyone have experience in this swap?