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  1. moto55

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    First bike was a 1965 or1966 Honda s90 at age 9,the bikes I ride today are 04 cr250r 06 250crf 07 ktm 450 exc, 4 old Maicos from the 70's and my 13th BMW street bike. total motorcycle junkie
  2. I have an 04 cr250 and just purchased a 06 crf250r I ride mostly in the trees but also ride a little mx. I took both bikes to the riding area last time I went and rode them back to back on the same track/trails and after riding the cr250f exclusively for the past couple of months it was an eye opener how different they are. The strong points of the crf are its light feel,smooth power delivery(traction) and seems to not exhaust me as quickly. The attributes of cr are more power and it seems to turn better in the woods. The top end on the cr is a simple rebuild and is relatively inexpensive, the crf needs a little more maintenance time and money because there are a few more parts, its that simple. And yes after a couple of hours on the crf all valves were out of spec so a shim kit and a little time will make the world go around again.
  3. moto55

    Pro Cycle got caught

    I purchased a new crf250r at Pro Cycles Springfield Honda dealership last october,I just had them fax me a purchase agreement. The only fee I had to pay was a $65.00 "processing fee" the deal was still about $500 better than my local Honda dealers, mostly do to 7.5% sales tax I would have had to pay.
  4. moto55

    Anybody here ride Western Iowa/Timber ridge?

    Yes, There are a few of us from Lincoln that have been riding there for years, but lately we ride at some land a group (Nebraska Trailriders Assn.) of us purchased a few years ago just down I-29 a little farther south.
  5. moto55

    Crf250 Vs. Cr250R

    I have a 2004 cr250r and I just purchased a 2006 crf250r,both bike are fast, the 250f is still all stock but the 250r has some mods and is jetted right. The 250r will smoke the 250f in a straight line drag race but when the track is dryslick or a bit muddy the 4-stroke power delivery is by far superior to the 2-stroke. Riding in the trees and trails the 250r is faster thur the tight sections but the 250f seems to climbs better and seems to feel alot lighter. These are just my observations.