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  1. BigWave

    TE 450 or 510

    Great idea. I live in the So. Cal desert with tons of open desert to ride. The wife and I did a nice 75 mile loop today with 50 miles of it being fire trails and the other just the highway home. We throw the bikes on the back of the motorhome once in a while and head for the eastern Sierra and run trails up there. Some days I end up running to the gym on it instead of taking the truck. I dont race. I want the bitchen factor that a Husky has. Hope this helps. Thanks!
  2. BigWave

    TE 450 or 510

    Wow! Thanks for all of the replies. Sounds to me like the "smoother" feeling 510 might be the way to go for me. This will be an on and off road deal for me. As far as the bike weight issues that were talked about, I'm replacing my DRZ 400S and talk about heavy. I'll be loosing about 60 lbs. in bike weight when I can get the Husky. Thanks again for the input!
  3. BigWave

    TE 450 or 510

    Looking seriously at these bikes. Other than the obvious (60cc), are there any other major differences in these two? Handling, etc. The weights are within a few pounds and the 510 is only a few hudred bucks more, Let me hear some thoughts. Thanks!
  4. BigWave

    TT case savers on sale...

    Thats cool! The only thing is........the wifes gonna be really pissed that I took the piano apart to steal a wire. Thanks for the great deal on these things. I ordered them up last night!
  5. BigWave

    Another UFO tail Q??

    Thats exactly what it was. A quick adjustment to the rear brake switch and the problem was solved. Thanks Dog!! Dave
  6. BigWave

    Another UFO tail Q??

    Like I said, I tried it both ways and it didnt make a difference.
  7. BigWave

    Another UFO tail Q??

    Easy enough to look at. Thanks for the info!
  8. BigWave

    Another UFO tail Q??

    Hey thanks anyways. I got the UFO from Rocky Mountain. Dave
  9. BigWave

    Another UFO tail Q??

    Hey guys! I searched the archives but couldnt come up with an answer. I installed the UFO tail combo on my new S. It went real smooth and turned out super clean, however, my brake light is on when the key is on, instead of just the tail light. I wired it per the instructions as follows UFO wires DRZ wires Black Blk/white stripe (ground) Blue White/black stripe (Stop/brake) Red Grey (License plate/tail light) I tried switching the brake wire and the tail light wire but it still did the same thing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!
  10. BigWave

    Throttle tube removal?

    Hey guys and gals! First post from on here but I've been lurking for a bit. I changed my grips yesterday before doing a search on here (dumb) and found out the hard way about the POS throttle tube/grip. I ended up just whittleing away at it until it was clean and it worked out fine. However, while doing this, I was thinking about taking off the tube to do the work and couldnt see how to do it. So......how do you remove the trhottle tube? Thanks in advance! Dave