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  1. XR250 BAJA

    How to access XR250 carb for rejetting?

    Thanks for the comments, Trailryder. Hopefully I can just rotate the carb and rejet without removing it.
  2. XR250 BAJA

    How to access XR250 carb for rejetting?

    thedude, yep, this is an exercise in removing the AIS pump and rejetting. The pump is that big, black plastic hunk o' junk hanging off the front of the motor Guys, here's a pic of my bike's carb from the left side. The most obvious difference from US-spec XR250s is the starter motor. Think I can still access this from the left as written above? Thanks.
  3. XR250 BAJA

    How to access XR250 carb for rejetting?

    Thanks for the help, guys, much appreciated Sounds like I should be able to access from the left so I'll follow Trailryder's instructions and give it a shot this weekend.
  4. XR250 BAJA

    How to access XR250 carb for rejetting?

    PM'd you. Thanks
  5. I've got a 2002 XR250. I want to remove the AIS smog pump and rejet. The local Honda dealer says it's a huge job to rejet as the exhaust headers and muffler need to be removed to access the carbie. Is this true or is there a simple way to access the carb without doing all that? Any info is MUCH appreciated. Thanks!
  6. XR250 BAJA

    New guy intro

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thanksgiving's one of my favorite holidays back home but I don't celebrate it here. Just trying to find a turkey would be a big challenge, but not as big as trying to get an oven big enough to fit it into
  7. XR250 BAJA

    New guy intro

    Mine's a 2002. Got it with about the same mileage you picked yours up at. After reading this forum I drilled the stock exhaust a bit but didn't get far enough before I broke the bit off inside Took a lot of shaking and a long magnet to get the pieces out. Still way too quiet for my taste so I'll probably have another go at it -- don't want anything too noisy but it'd be nice to be able to at least hear the exhaust note. btw, did you drill through the baffle or put holes in the end section? I also yanked the snorkel. Got some noise but the bike ran so weak at low rpms that I put it back. Looks like I'll need to jet it if I'm going to yank it again but can't be bothered yet. Whereabouts are you in Gifu? Must rock for riding -- Takayama's one of my favorite destinations. I'm in Tokyo....
  8. XR250 BAJA

    New guy intro

    Thanks for the warm welcome. To answer some of your questions, the XR250 Baja comes stock with the rally lights and the 14 liter oversize tank. Mine looks really clean because the last owner hardly ever rode it -- too busy with work I guess -- and it's only got about 3,500 miles on it. Unfortunately, Honda discontinued the model this year, though it's still making a street legal XR250 complete with an electric leg, and recently updated it with upside down forks and racy looking tank shrouds (same aircooled motor though). You can see the bike here. http://www.honda.co.jp/motor-lineup/xr250/ There's also a supermotard version http://www.honda.co.jp/motor-lineup/xr-motard/ The XR400 isn't even sold in Japan as a domestic model -- they have to be reverse-imported, so I don't think there's a big tank or lights made for it here. There is a motard version though..... http://www.honda.co.jp/motor-lineup/xr400-motard/ There are lots of Japanese parts for the XR250. If you're interested in anything, I know a guy that runs a Japanese bike shop here that can probably get it for you and is willing to ship to the US via Global Express. He spent a few years in the states and speaks good English. His name is Takahisa Suda. Feel free to email your inquiries to him at sales@drsuda.co.jp Btw, as an anti-spam disclosure I want to make it clear that I have no business connection with him -- just letting you guys know a possible source for Japan-market parts. His shop's homepage won't have XR stuff listed, but it's here if you want to check it out http://www.drsuda.co.jp/ Ride safe, Jim
  9. XR250 BAJA

    New guy intro

    New member here, just wanted to say hi to everyone. You guys have put together one heck of a great resource for the XR. I'm an American living in Tokyo. Just picked up a 2002 Honda XR250 Baja, a street legal domestic version that comes with passenger pegs, an electric leg and rally-style headlights. Looking forward to doing some back-country exploring on it. Thanks again for the great site