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  1. I was looking to buy an aftermarket cdi to run a 03 engine.Why would an 04/05 not work in 03?Can you exchange parts (like stator and or wiring harness from 04) to use on the 03 engine ignition?I was really interested in buying a used vortex ignition to run on my 03 engine but can only find a 04/05 reasonably priced.Unless someone else has a good used vortex for sale.I don't know if the ignition is worth using anyways.I run this engine in a hybrid quad with a hotcam1.It is fast but flat on top end.I was thinking I could use hotcam2 and vortex ignition to change ignition curve while riding to help make up for some lost low speed torque with hotcam2.Any racers experienced with vortex ignition and willing to give advice would be great.