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  1. DEMI

    125 Sherco

    gimme e-start any time
  2. DEMI

    Radiator Guard Reccomendations?

    BPD guards are fantastic, I have a nice set from ktmandhusky.com , they fit perfectly and are pretty stout.
  3. DEMI

    Graham Jarvis riding a Thumper!?

    high profile rider, probably just runs a cover(not the only guy that has).... $$$$
  4. DEMI


    The bike is still capable indoors, Hill just screwed the pooch.
  5. DEMI

    Gene pool out there is not that deep

    If Roczen stayed in Europe, things may have been a lot different or at least somewhat.
  6. DEMI

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    No different than a top mount damper. The stock 17+ bar pad is huge anyway. I have run without lots of times. You may be able to cut one down or find a lower profile or get a bar with a crossbar if compelled.
  7. DEMI

    Bbr frame 150r

    you may have place ads all over the place
  8. DEMI

    Malcolm Stewart to fill in for Bogle

    now official....13th-16th place.
  9. righto Jeff, I love my RK head. Many may not be able to tell the performance difference ultimately. I would have to imagine the RK cut OEM head is pretty damn good. But, over the course of ownership, I would go the full billet set up, no doubt about it.
  10. DEMI

    Roczens close call.

    Homey still pulled a fourth, he is on his way to the top. Close only counts for horseshoes and hand grenades
  11. Trials pants if you want the skinny look, may make your arse look big though.
  12. Get your stock head done by RK, will be almost as good as the billet and better than the stock SX head (many just do that)
  13. DEMI

    Lectron Review 2016 yz250

    Best part is no disassembly to adjust out in the field. Love the cast 38mm
  14. DEMI

    Mookie Out

    All this and probably 13th place or lower.
  15. DEMI

    Malcolm Stewart to fill in for Bogle

    Don't forget Guybone's ladyboy ML... VITAL is worse than The View.