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  1. Vention designed...
  2. On a serious note... I have a question, I have seen a number of guys shorten the overall length of the muffler on 4strokes. Some manufacturers have long nasty mufflers hanging out the rear, so to esthetically please the eyes, you break down your muffler, pull the canister, cut an inch or two off, cut the same off the perforated tube, and repack. Does anyone know if and inch or so will alter performance, noise, or cause enough effects to alter jetting? Thanks
  3. Fail.... Have a read through this,
  4. Is it just me or does this muffler look shortened?
  5. I always call it the "Cam Carriers" .. whether or not thats politically correct
  6. Yeah I've used fmf for my last 3 2-strokes liked the power and never had an issue with fitment or its quality. Is your slip on the 4.1 ? How did you feel about the power response after installing it?
  7. Wow kind of surprised to hear that... I always heard that FMF was the ticket for the sxf250.. the 4.1 anyways. Thanks for the feedback though!
  8. So I know similar questions have been asked, but after searching I couldn't quite find the answer I'm looking for... I have a 2007 sxf250 that I'm in the process of getting a TR 300 kit installed on, my factory exhaust is trash. I've found a good replacement stock head pipe, but I'm wondering about the muffler side of things. Should I just find a replacement stock muffler or spend the cash on an aftermarket slip-on? What's the best "bang for my buck" ? Fmf 4.1 ??? Any others have success with other mufflers? Also, I'm new to ktms, can you uncork the stock exhaust at all, I've seen others cut a section out of the canister to make it shorter, is there any benefit to this? Or just purely cosmetic? could that hurt performance? The bike will manly freeride, occasional track ride(for fun), sand dunes, etc... I'm not worried about quieting the bike. Oh and for looking at used slipons, am I correct in saying any muffler will fit the 07-10 sxf 250/450/530 ? Thanks!
  9. Thats a hell of a nice KTM, real clean... your work paid off! Although I'm sure that seat is functional for you... but it looks damn ugly!
  10. That thing is unreal, is that a SM front fender?
  11. I pull the seat cover, draw some lines to get an idea of what height I want, use some electrical tape to make a nice even line, trace it out with a sharpie. Measure a few spots so you can make it level on the corresponding side. Once your satisfied with your lines, break out the ol' electric turkey carving knife and saw away. Be careful not to focus on one side too much, you'll end up with a slanted seat. Then when you get the majority of the foam removed, fire up the angle grinder and smooth it all out, just feather it over the edges or you'll take out chunks! And yes you can use your stock seat cover again, you'll just have to trim off the excess once its stapled back on. Heres a link to changing a seat cover, Hope that helps.
  12. Im also going through the great debate right now... My motor needs a new top end.. spend the extra and big bore? or keep it stock? Theres a few kits out there, but from what I read, the ThumperRacing kit is the one to get.
  13. Hey I'm thinking about getting Vention to make me up a custom decal kit. I've only ever bought "pre-made" designed graphic kits. Post up your pictures, give me some ideas!