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  1. lavens763

    megajam race report

    Megajam this past saturday night. Nikki and the gang were AWOL so that was kind of a bummer for me since we always pit close to each other...missed you guys! Turnout was obviously lower than the last race which had a huge turnout. I would say this one was average for this time of year there. Open A was a great race with Hofmaster taking the led by coming up underneath ross martin on lap three in the back section. I don't think the patty wagon left with anyone all night although I could be wrong. Not sure if MOTO520 was behind or in front of Jesse Keith this time in +25...lol! Track turned out pretty decent with some nice ruts in a few corners although the ruts were pretty slippery with hard moist earth in them but what the hell it's par for the course with the weather and all. The track was.......the same layout. Slight change to the little "s" turn at the end of the back straight..but unfortuantly it still didn't allow for passing there. Personally I miss the 180 there that was good for passing. Nikki, the whoops never changed so you missed out! You could've had them dialed and I think you would have been right up front! I did see an 85cc do the back table top thing out of the corner which was impressive, not too mention there was a quad 'a' guy doing it as well...the speed is getting faster with these kids...impressive! Overall a good night of racing and the races wrapped up b4 11 pm as usual which is nice. Speaking of time, I heard the joilet mx two weeks ago or so didn't start first motos until like 12:30 in the afternoon...that's a joke and further reinforces why I don't go to that 'hole' to race. MOTO520...you should've listened to me and went with Borelli suspension...you looked like a shade tree mechanic laying under that bike in he grass with that screwdriver!
  2. lavens763

    "The Deuce" Mendota/ Byron 5/24-5/25

    racing was really fun as usual at walnut especially with the LL thing going on. Gives it a big race feel at a local event so that's cool. All in all had a great day. Jr. "gone"? Bet I kept him closer than some people would have and it doens't matter really who beats me...I go to race everyone not just one guy so I could give 2 Sh#ts less who beats me. Although, he also beat Breat, Dooley, Espinoza, walton and the rest of +25 in the second moto so...........I'm not the only one and those guys are all way faster than me on an mx track. so maybe it should have been, "well barney, was jr, braet, espinoza, walton, dooley, yada, yada, yada "gone"? yep...and I still had a great time!
  3. lavens763

    Forgotten Tracks of the Midwest - Old Timers Needed!!

    wardy..what about canton with it's famous four foot wide track? I have a pic from there that looks like i was riding in a local hare sramble! ahhh..the good ol days...
  4. lavens763

    Walnut LL Qualifier This Weekend

    holy shit...that sounded like it came straight from a diehard woods guy! pitty!Naw, he's going to your favorite Buffalo Rock place. I just give him a hard time cuz we don't have too many more guys from the OG racing anymore..well except for his younger faster brother.
  5. lavens763

    Walnut LL Qualifier This Weekend

    zeno...hell, We'll both have a ton of guys whoopin' our azz! But that's what makes this type of race fun...they're be a bunch of guys that we don't get to normally race...like matt228! Oh yeh, he's going woods riding...wussy
  6. lavens763

    Walnut LL Qualifier This Weekend

    moto520...I'll be there you silly guy you! Give me a call towards the weekend and we'll get a pit area figured out.
  7. go to a rv/trailer business and they'll sell a spray that's just for this problem. Menard's actually has some srapy that is for this as well but I used it and it didn't work that great...I'd go to the rv/trailer place first.
  8. lavens763

    Mt Carroll Pro-AM Recap - 5-4

    The race was awesome! Man, that track is killer to say the least. There is no race track other than red bud where the track gets so many ruts and has loam for that long into the day (that I've been to). It's a shame that the state of Illinois doesn't put a super highway to his driveway because his place would for sure have WAY higher turnouts. But, it is for sure worth the drive anyway and if you were not there than you suck. Some guy on #37 rode the open A class and back to backed it with +30A and beat me in the second moto for the overall...I hate second! I'm not sure who he is but this guy gets my official, "I'm not sure who the guy is but he's got my vote for IRON MAN of the day!" award. As far as I can figure I think the guy must have put in around 714 laps there, which is like doing 1498 laps at Byron, or anywhere else really in Dist.17. Zeno, holly crap! In the second moto I never seen a guy get more sideways (at the end of the straight before the finish line) around the end of the first lap and save it! Congrats! The titanium arm must have some sort of bionic effect on his ability to ride it out. He was on the gas at the start but unfortunately Thyberg had to get around him and I hitched onto him and did the same around the end of lap two I think. Great ride though for sure! The open A class was awesome with some great racing and a lot of guys from Minnesota were there for the $. Spectator turnout was surprisingly high for a MX race and when the A class 10 lappers came out the fences were pretty lined with skulls. As you proabably already know some A#@hole ripped of Tim Fillipi's yz450 right around first practice time. I still can't believe it...some dudes are gunna go striaght to hell and have an eternal life of getting roosted by RC's factory RMZ450 naked. I probably be there to watch and laugh. Thyberg tweaked his wrist pretty bad in Open A while not going down...he showed me on the line in +25A and it looked BAD! Hope he's okay and recieves no fiberglass arm warmer for the summer. Well, that's all I know about the race and again, if you didn't go then you missed a good one for sure, not too mention the races weer over about 4:30!
  9. lavens763

    If It Rains This Weekend

    hummm...let me guess Matt228 will open his book of excuses and pull another one out. Lol. Matt, I can't beleive you're not even putting in an effort man! I can hear the crack of the whip from here! Oh yeh, sorry but I won't be at the next Megajam...my wife says I have to go to a wedding that night. Hope you stall it Matt..hehe
  10. lavens763

    2008 yz 450 silencer?

    Don't do it! Those things are crap! I put mine on my '07 when I brought it back to the dealer after getting my '08. The thing robs HP bigtime. Do yourself a favor and save some $ up for a dubach pipe and forget about 'looking' cool with the new shorty silencer...it's junk.
  11. lavens763

    Who's riding tomorrow?!? Sun 4/6

    going to mt. Carroll if possible. Went to Walnut today...nice again out there. You'd be crazy to waste your time going to BR when Walnut is right there with a perfect prepped track..that is if you like to practice moto for the day. Have fun!
  12. lavens763

    Mount Carroll Ride Report

    reid knows how to make a track perfect for sure. It is one of the only tracks locally that i've been to that actually produces good ruts like mx is supposed to be. The track is probably one of the coolest, if the thee coolest, tracks I've ridden in d.17. More people need to make the drive over to reids and try his track...he for sure has turned a new leaf. Now if we could only keep him on two wheels when he rides! Reid makes Bob Hannah look like a technician when he rides...can you say WFO? Jeez! Go easy Leonard...you're gunna hurt your knee!
  13. lavens763

    Walnut, Illinois

    moto520, I got there at 10am...put on my gear and rode five sessions and left at 4pm. each one was 15min moto's. track was great as usual as like every track the best time was in the morning. Had a great time and sorry you couldn't be there!
  14. lavens763

    carpel tunnel surgery recovery time.

    I had mine done about two months ago and feel great. I would say that 2-3 weeks is resonable for getting back although it'll be a little tender still. Mine took about four weeks to start feeling really good and at six...hammer down! Hope this helps! Good luck.
  15. lavens763

    Riding this weekend in IL

    Classic moto-520! Even a vet 'A' rider dishes out slams better than a 'b' class guy...well done!