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  1. tizzer

    Anybody have 1978 Honda XL parts ??

    Still no luck !! Anybody got the airbox cover ??? A pair of sidecovers that are not missing big chunks ??
  2. tizzer

    Anybody have 1978 Honda XL parts ??

    Superb !! Thanks much, yes, please take a look and go through my list. Nothing needs to be excellent shape.....this is not a restoration....its a well used daily rider, thats all. Thanks TIZZRR
  3. tizzer

    Anybody have 1978 Honda XL parts ??

    Well, my situation is, the sidecovers are missing big corner pieces entirely. I have done the mounting tab fix on other bikes, but im missing significant chunks of both covers too. Does the boneyard in great falls have a website ?? I dont care if the airbox cover is pink and rust colored !!! I just need something ! No pics yet.....besides.....how interesting could a XL that was painted ALL black by some previous owner....(Yes, I mean ALL the fenders tank, and sidecovers ) with no emblems, and by a 10 year old with some 100 grit sandpaper and rattle cans be ??? Adding to the beauty is no sidecovers or air box cover, so you can see my green foam homemade filter wrap thats secured with string wound crosshatch over it !! Any body got these bits ?? Post up, I got cash !
  4. tizzer

    ARRESTED on my SM!!!

    Let me guess....Lake county....maybe Mchenry county.... Used to terrorize the Lake county boys years ago......before it was all built up...we knew nearly every cut through. Many fleeing runs by many of us, through the fields and all. !!
  5. Im looking for some bits and pieces for my 1978 Honda XL 350. One pair of good sidecovers, with good mounting tabs, paint unimportant. Side cover plate for airbox, mounts on 2 studs. Pair of passenger footpegs that thread directly into swingarm ....folding air filter foam that fits over mesh flame arrestor Possibly bits from the XL 250 may be the same, and other similar years for this generation of centerport XL. Any leads would be greatly appreciated ! Thanx Tizzer
  6. Well, I visited my local stealership........heres the painfull results..... Carb gasket kit $32 Float needle and seat assembly $40 Good thing I dont really need them , I was just gonna replace them because I was in there rejetting. Thats gettin near the price of a brand new pair of rear shocks, for a couple little orings and the gas inlet valve.
  7. tizzer

    Where are all the old timers?

    Yup heres another old guy !! After 30 plus years of bikes and wrenchin, learn new stuff all the time.....especially about the newer (1985 and up !! ) LOL !! Have raced allmost all disiplines of bike racing. Owned around 75 different bikes over the decades. It amazes me how after all this experience....if I give advise over the internet , I get told to "F" off by the 18 to 25 year old crowd sometimes !! Maybe old and wise is a un appreciated thing these days in cyberspace ?? It only took me 2 years to figure out how to post message boards !! Still cant host pics.......but sure can twirl wrenches !!! TIZZER
  8. tizzer

    1956 Tiger 100

    Im guessing your dealing with a Triumph Tiger Cub ??? If its a Triumph, try looking up searches for vintage triumph stuff. I bett there is repro stuff somewhere for them, as the vintage brit bike thing is really becoming active in the last few years. We had a little Triumph Mountain Cub many years ago....sold for a few hundred bucks back in the day.......worth thousands now !!!
  9. tizzer

    1970 Suzuki TC 90

    Back in about 1976 I had a Kaw 90 as my first real motorcycle. My best ridin buddy then got a beat up Suzuki TC 90. We rode the knobbies off them both !! I snapped the flywheel off the crank in my first week.....and by default started a 30 yearlong career of backyard (and dealership) bike wrenching !! LOL The little TC 90 brings back ALOT of teenage memories !! (Like using shovels to dig dirt for a 4 foot tall jump in the field.....only to snap a footpeg off and collapse the rear shocks stuck in the bottomed out position on the TC !!! )
  10. The kits on the xlint site are for earlier model sideport. May have to call them. However, if they really are keyster kits, I will pass. I have heard nothing but bad reports on those !! I may have to fatten my wallett and get ready for Honda OEM sticker shock instead !!
  11. Anybody have luck with a particular brand of carb rebuild kits ? Im really looking for a needle and seat float set. And, gaskets. Before I pull out the vasaline at slump my way to the stealership.......any good options ? Tizzer
  12. tizzer

    Fork oil 1978 Honda XL 350

    Done ! Heres the ride report. With about 200cc of 20 weight fork oil per leg. I added washers stacked about 1 inch high on top of the springs. For a 150 lb rider, the forks are sprung just about right for moderate bumpy trail. Just a tad bit stiff for super cushy road use. The damping seems very good, I like em well damped. I suppose for lighter duty use to make them move a bit quicker, I would drop to 15 weight. I would say for moderate trail use and fast fireroad riding this combo works fine for my weight. Thanks much for the tips !
  13. tizzer

    Fork oil 1978 Honda XL 350

    Thanks very much ! Im goin for the 20 weight, and will play with the volumn a bit. I was thinking the same as adding just a bit of spacers to preload the springs a bit more. The replys are greatly appreciated !! Tizzer
  14. tizzer

    Fork oil 1978 Honda XL 350

    Thanks much !! I searched around , but that thread never came up ? Looks like I need 170cc since Im doing a bone dry rebuild. Anybody try 20 weight oil? I like a good amount of damping and 10 weight sounds to thin, unless the damper rods have real small holes ?
  15. tizzer

    Fork oil 1978 Honda XL 350

    Allready tried search on both forums.....turned up nothing ! Come on folks........anybody got the spec ??