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  1. Yamie16

    Proper Autograph Etiquette

    At A1 it seemed that all the guys inthe pits had no problem signing anything that was requested. I saw a MILF that had her chest signed on the outside of her shirt by KW and somone else. Lucky
  2. Yamie16

    MX Track Design Doubles or Tables??

    I thought that the whole reason for the triples being seperate jumps is so the riders that can't make the jumps can still keep a smooth rythm landing on the backside of a double. You would think landing on the flat table top would slow them down or bounce the crap out of them. Just my theory.
  3. I have been been living in a closet for the last few months, sorry.
  4. Yamie16

    Mouth Guard

    I never thought of wearing one, now i might try it for the heck of it. I was able to breath when i was running when i played football.
  5. Yamie16

    who will win sunday????

    It's Anaheim 1, RC will step it up and take the win.
  6. when and where did he do it?
  7. It will be interesting to say the least. I guess we will see what happens when it is completed. If it sucks then we just won't go there.
  8. Yamie16

    Any experiance with A.R.C. gear???

    No i don't own anything by them because it looks cheap to me. I would rather spend the money on something that i know is good. Like I said, if it is good then it will get popular. I would rather read some reviews from some of the magazines before i bought anything. Mainly I'm concerned with their boots and other protection gear. I want to know that it can hold up because my body is at stake.
  9. Yamie16

    Any experiance with A.R.C. gear???

    Right now i don't have faith in A.R.C,m it just seems cheap to me. I will wai to see what happens. If the stuff is good and stays at the current low price, we will know soon enough because it will be hella popular. For some reason i doubt it.
  10. Yamie16

    mx art work?

    whats the site for the pics at Lake Elsinore? Anyone?
  11. Yamie16

    thor sentinel chest protecter

    Its not strictly an under shirt protector, it can be used either way i guess. I know that it has the removable number plate on the back, so i know it not just an undershirt protector. Whatever you want to do i guess.
  12. Yamie16

    I don't know what to do??????

    Yamaha, i have the 2005 and love it.
  13. SERIOUSLY??? Are you talking about pulling a motor from a car or putting your bike on a stand? DOn't youuse your stand outside of the garage, like at the track? I just find this method hard to believe.
  14. Yamie16

    Green sticker question ??

    well mine is an '05 and it has a red sticker. I would love for it to be green, but i don't see that happening.
  15. Yamie16

    Do I need a new helmet??

    Like other have said "if you have to ask, then you need a new one." This is the rule I live by. If somone askes me to smell some sort of meat before we throw it on the BBQ, you might as well throw it in the trash, if you have to ask then its bad. Same thing with milk. If your questioning a food thats about to go in my body, then in my book it is tainted.