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  1. 96xr200driven

    Finally got my new bike!!

    nice bike! Looks like it just came out of the factory except with lots of nice parts on it!
  2. 96xr200driven

    1997 kx250 advice

    Sounds like a pretty good choice...but if you're coming off of a ttr125 it's going to be a lot different. But I've ridden a kx250 too and they are a lot of fun. Good luck!
  3. 96xr200driven

    some pics of my bike

    Doesn't sound like a bad price either. What kind of exhaust is that on there???
  4. 96xr200driven

    some pics of my bike

    Nice bike! Congratulations for switching to 2 wheels!!!
  5. 96xr200driven

    My munchkins cutting laps pics

    I thought there were pictures? If you did post them they're not working for me...
  6. 96xr200driven

    Pastrana's Double Backflip

    This may sound like a stupid question since i dont know a whole lot about freesyle, but does anyone think that there will ever be three backflips??? That is starting to sound impossible (as if 2 didn't!!!).
  7. 96xr200driven


    My neighbor is a little B***h when it comes to me riding my dirtbike too. He asked me if I can ride less than half an hour each day when I never even ride over 5 minutes were I live. I simply start it up, let it warm up and then "slowly" ride out of my area onto trails before I open it up. The wierd thing is that this is a guy who restores muscle cars and owns a dodge viper...so I don't even see how he can compare that noise to my bike.
  8. 96xr200driven

    How Often Do Bearings Need Replacing?

    ok. Another thing is I'm not the first owner so I don't know how much he changed the oil during those two top ends. Does the oil in the tranny lube those bearings too? and would not changing the oil wear them out faster? I'm just wondering because when I got the bike the oil was pitch black and I don't know if he always had it like that. Thanks
  9. I'm going through the top end on my little kx80 and putting new piston and rings in it. I'm probably not going to put new crank bearings and stuff in the bottom end because I'm a little short on money right now, but how often should that be done? The bike has gone through 2 top ends (The one I'm doing is the 3rd) and is it taking a HUGE risk not replacing them?
  10. 96xr200driven

    Pastrana Double

    btw, I remember reading in a thread (Don't remember which one) that there were some people who thought TP wouldn't be able to pull it off? Fess up!
  11. 96xr200driven

    Pastrana Double

    Yeah, i think he got a 98 or something. But how the hell are you supposed to get a perfect score when no one else can do that? At least give him a 99.9 or something!! lol. He's crazy
  12. 96xr200driven

    X Games 12 Moto-X Best Trick --Torrent--

    I missed the xgames cause i'm in denmark. I hear TP landed his double backflip though. And in the other post I read someone used a crf250? Gees...looks like I missed the bext X games ever...
  13. 96xr200driven

    what is this?

    maybe looks?? nah...
  14. 96xr200driven

    X Games 12 Moto-X Best Trick --Torrent--

    It doesn't work for me. I download it in like one second and then when I press open it doesn't know what type of file it is...