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  1. stewballs

    Gasgas vs husaberg

    Have had my Berg 570 just over a month, AWESOME!!!
  2. stewballs

    2009 Husaberg FE 570 Questions

    just picked up a 2010 FE570 for $8814 total. check rocket motorcycles in san diego, ca. saw one on their website for the $8k plus tax, which is the same as i paid. don't think you'll find the 570 any better? good luck!
  3. stewballs

    kenevil VS pastrana

    pastrana, he's not a drunken ass....
  4. stewballs

    Monaghan Motorsports C.A.R.E. Ride.this Saturday

    just did this ride last saturday, march 20th. powerline road all the way there. not very challenging, but it was fun pushing as fast as i could go. well organized, went with a bunch of friends and had a great time, just a good weekend away. did you end up going?
  5. stewballs

    Never a carb problem until now...

    there's also an o-ring around the seat, may want to pull it and check or replace it also. if it's worn, fuel will leak around the needle and seat assy, and into the bowl.
  6. stewballs

    18 inch tube??

    try the bridgestone ultra heavy duty tube, the size will be 110/90x19, i'd be surprised if you pop one of these. but make sure you get the ultra heavy and not the plain heavy duty. the ultra heavy duty will cost you about 19.95$. good luck.
  7. stewballs

    Detail Tips needed

    try this place www.detailcity.org