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  1. tha doctor817

    Which Tusk T-7 bar to get?

    Yeah man. That's what I call cheap! Not that their original price was that bad or anything. Btw. Does is really matter if I use YZ bars? Could they be just about anything? Thanks.
  2. tha doctor817

    Which Tusk T-7 bar to get?

    Could someone tell me which handlebars I should get for my 225? I'm assuming these are all 7/8" standard bars since they're all stock replacement and since they don't list the sizing either. I just want to know which one would look and feel the best on my bike. Thanks in advanced. Here's the link from rockymountain: http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?prodFamilyId=3142&navTitle=Control&webCatId=12&webTypeId=70&navType=closeout
  3. tha doctor817

    tips on cleaning the carb?

    Sweet. Thanks again for your response. I figured I might as well clean it out since I'm changing the jets. Btw, is the throttle cable just screwed into the carb?
  4. tha doctor817

    tips on cleaning the carb?

    could you guys give me some pointers on what /or what not to do while cleaning out the carbs on a 225? it's gonna be my first time taking off the carb from my bike. i want to make sure i do it right and put it back on right as well. thanks.
  5. tha doctor817

    ttr225 stalling

    Thanks for the link. Aside from the sizing, could you tell me exactly which main and pilots I should get? Also, would I need to adjust the fuel screw once I swap out the jets?
  6. tha doctor817

    ttr225 stalling

    Hey guys, I experienced a similar today with my 225 at the motorpark. Actually, it was running real good w/o any problems at first. I then began experience stalling problems as I was coming to a stop. I had to keep the revs up to prevent it from shutting off. The more I rode, the worst it got as it started stalling while in different gears while I was one the throttle. Now, it won't even start whatsoever even with the choke on. Sometimes I got some backfire, but that was it. Could this be the same problem? It was about 50 degrees out. One other thing I should mention. This is my 2nd ride on the bike and the previous owner slapped on a FMF pipe but never rejetted it. Should I go ahead and take care of that while I'm cleaning out the carbs? Where can I order a 42.5 pilot and 135 main from? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. tha doctor817

    ? about bleeding the brakes

    How would I go about changing my brake fluid if I'm sure there's already air in the lines? I kinda messed up the first time around and now I'm stuck w/ air in them. Do I just go about the same method and squeeze the lever, open the valve, close the valve, and repeat it? Or should I keep pressing on the lever and hope the air goes into the brake reservoir? Or should I reflush the whole thing and start from over. Sorry for sounding like a noob.
  8. tha doctor817

    bike won't start. need some suggestions.

    No, actually it was the way I was starting it. I'm used to street bikes and I usually hold the throttle open a little as I'm cranking the starter on them. That method didn't work with the dirtbike. I don't know if it's just my bike or if other bikes are like that. Hope it helps.
  9. tha doctor817

    bike won't start. need some suggestions.

    nevermind. i got it started finally. thanks anyways.
  10. tha doctor817

    bike won't start. need some suggestions.

    so I picked up a 01 225 last week and road it around for a little bit. just today i found out the battery was completely dead and then realized that i left the ignition in the on position for several days. the petcock was also left in the on position. i threw the battery on the tender to charge it up and when i tried starting it up, it would turn over but the engine wouldn't start. the battery wasn't fully charge yet eventhough it'd turn over. after wearing the battery down from numerous attempts of trying to start the bike, i just left it on the tender and tried starting it from there but still no go. could this be a problem w/ the battery or did i mess something up when i left the petcock in the on position all weekend? any help would be greatly appreciated.