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  1. Viktor

    XR400 Off Road Version, GPS Power Supply

    Hi and thanks again, i just read the Wicki Article and think now i got the basics, i will make an attempt next time i got the Bike in the Shop. Regards
  2. Viktor

    XR400 Off Road Version, GPS Power Supply

    Hi jayc250x and AGIA, I have to clarify that I don't own the Bike I am only the Mechanic (sort of), I have used a Common Rectifier from the Electronics Store and a Comercial Regulator which came without a Diagram. It is alredeady a while ago that I did this and now the owner of the Bike asked me to check again what could be done, If you could give me some step by step instructions how to do it, that would be very helpfull but keep in mind that im in the Philippines and things here are not as easy to come by as in the US/UK, Regards
  3. Viktor

    XR400 Off Road Version, GPS Power Supply

    Hi AGIA, thanks that's already some help, i have tryed to use a rectifier and an regulator but had no success.
  4. Hi everybody, how can i power my GPS with 12Volt DC, when i checked the Voltage at the Headlight, i found that it is 12Volts AC! do i get the wrong readings? Has anybody done this before? Regards
  5. Hi everybody, is it possible to use a standard 12V Bike Horn on a XR400R or does it draw to much power, if so, what are the alteratives for a Warning device? Thanks
  6. Hi Everybody, i would like to replace the original bulb by a number of red or clear LED's does anybody know how big and what size of resistor is required. Thanks
  7. Viktor

    1996 xr250 carb..any advice!!!

    I think you can be Rich on the Main Jet and Lean on the Idle/Slow Jet, when you decelerate you close your Trottle and only the Idle/Slow circuit is being used. I have a Diaphragm on my XLR200 and just repaired it because i could not stand the Popping/Backfiring anymore!
  8. hi Guy's, my xr200 makes a lot of popping/backfiring noise when i slow down/decelerate i have checked exhaust and intake for Airleaks, to no result i intercanged the CDI, Rectifier/Regulator and the Ignitioncoil with known to work parts. Today i noticed that if i rise the Needle it get's better but the Sparkplug indicated no lean mixture by being nice brown. Any suggestions welcome.
  9. Viktor

    XR250 Modifications

    To "themanoy", where are you located in the Philippines? I have a 1990 XR250L and live in Dumagutete City, in the Visayas. just now i am overhauling the engine and rear suspension. Regards Viktor
  10. Hi everybody, i am having the Zylinder rebored on my XR250L Mod.90' my mechanic is not sure how much the clearance is between the Piston and Zylinder, the Piston is 0.5mm oversize and he says the clearance is about 0.03mm but want's to make sure before he is doing the job. thanks for the help.
  11. Hi everybody, i have to buy a lot of OEM spare parts for the Engine overhaul of my 96, XR250 is there a shop somewhere or do i have to order them, i would like to speak with somebody so i can also show my old parts in order to get the right ones, i am not 100% sure if it's a XLR250 or XR250 that's why. I am now in LA and would like to meet some XR400 Riders, anybody around? Regards Felix
  12. Hi "AHRMA17L" your offers are looking very good but on the upper limits of what i want to spend, i guess if we can not find anything else we might consider to come to Oregon. Hi"htrdmx55" the one you bought for your Girlfriend, is it in good shape? do you think the other one is in good shape for that price? Looking forward to meeting you, only five days to XR Day!!! Regards Felix
  13. Hi "ntrdmx 55", thanks for the greath Offer we will for shure see each other in LA, we are both of us pretty exited already of our first go on a XR400, i am reading the Forum since a year ago, here in the Phillippines one can not buy a Dirt Bike larger than the XR200, which is different than the US model and heavyer but costs brand new only 2000$ with electric start, they are good Bikes but not very good on fast Dirt Roads. We will get in contact befor we leave here, Regards Felix
  14. Hi "Triple B", will an inflateable Swedish "Rubber toy" do? it might be more helpfull to keep the fragile eco system afloat! Thanks for your "good luck" whishes.
  15. Hi everybody, this is great!!! i did not think that i get that much usefull information in such a short time, "triple b" your links were Great!!! "htrdmx55" you probably assumed that we are Philippinos? would you consider to meet us at LA despite the fact that we are "Swiss"? "mreks" i just checked the site, nothing at the present. Thanks "ynotride" do you mean to meet in the PI or in LA? our location i stated already in the last posting.