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    2006 TTR 250 Carberator problems

    Hi new to this site I am working on a friends TTR 250 that he let sit for about a year of course it was gummed up. I cleaned out every Jet and gave the carb a good cleaning. The bike would not start at first until primed it by squirting gas on the air cleaner the bike fired right up. I took it for a test drive and it ran ok for a few minutes and then stated to bog like in was running out of gas. I tried to start it but had to prime it again and it did the same thing after the next test ride. I unscrewed the drain on the bowl and there is gas there I am at a loss any ideas ? Thanks
  2. I just bought a 03 WR450 and have read about the starter problems. Was this a problem with all 03's or did Yamaha address the problem before the end of that production year and if so can you tell by looking at the Vin# ?
  3. I have been on my xr400 about 4 years it has a 440 kit, carb and pipe it has some serious torque at low end and mid range but after a day in the woods I'm beat up from muscling the beast around. I have a line on a 04 CRF250X with a lot of extras carb,pipe ect. The XR400 weighs in at 257 and the CRF250x about 230 giving up the weight is good but am I giving up any low and mid range power. any input would greatly appreciated. Thank You