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    have drag car and huski TE610
  1. little micki

    what do you do when you aren't riding??

    I have a mazda with a bbf 460 on nos, so poke about the workshop on that and the husky, am self employed contractor building big ass commercail water tanks(1,000,000 litres)and my wife has just had our second child today, so things are about to get busy.
  2. little micki

    hill climbs

    I cut my teeth climbing hills in oz as a teenager on a yz80 and went from their, but what i've found after all these years is you have to view a path some distance in front of you and do all you can do to make it happen. I now have a te610 and i hit it as hard as i can depending on the conditions. go hard or go home.
  3. little micki

    Shout Out To All All Aus East Coast Riders

    I have a mate at kyogle who i visit often and would like to have a crack at ya layout in casino, need details. mmrichards@aapt.net.au