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  1. I'm rebuilding a 1983 CR80 as a little project. One of my many problems is my crank cases, the whole engine looks like it has been chucked down a flight of concrete stairs. The lower engine mounts are completely snapped off and the forward engine mount is half smashed. Does anyone happen to know if cases for any other years are the same. Cant find out much at all on the web but i'm starting to think that years 83 - 85 are lightly to be quite similar. But i'm not sure by a long way. Anyone have any clue? Cheers
  2. Hi all, I just converted my DRZ to SM with USD forks, im having trouble figuring out the best route for the front brake hose. Can anyone post up a pic of how you did yours please?
  3. Noone elso doing long wheelies then?
  4. I keep noticing dirty oily stuff on my left boot, noticed a drip on the ground the other day. On inspection it was dripping from 1 of the breather pipes behind / below the carb... I have been doing a lot of long wheelies since getting this bike 03 DRZ E.... Could that be the cause?
  5. I thought those were the standard FX for the 03 E model? Could well be wrong, only been into the offroad game for a couple of months....
  6. Cheers feller.... I do a lot of greenlaning & offroad so want to keep the offroad wheels + I think postage for Germany would cost a bit lol.... Unless were talking silly cheep lol....
  7. Hiya guys, just signed up so the cards behind the bar.... I have just got an 03 DRZ400E currently in full off road trim.... I need some road wheels for it, I would like supermoto wheels but dont want to fork out for taylon / excel etc as I only want them to run in & out of town to work on. Will any of the 'standard rims' from a CCM / KTM / Husaberg etc supermoto fit without loads of machining?