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  1. Thanks for the tip, I will try a 45 and get back with the results.
  2. It is from a CRF450R but I have all new jets and a new needle in it
  3. Do you think that is the cause of the problems to get it started also? It gets too much fuel when cold? I have a smaller pilot jet ,45, that I am going to test also and see if that makes any diffrence.
  4. Just an update on how it went for me. I have now installed the carb and here is the results: It is a huge diffrence in how the bike responds now and it pulls much harder when twisting the throttle. The only things that are left is that the bike is hard to start when cold even if I use the choke. The choke does not even seem to make any diffrence. Another strange thing is that the airmixture screw does not affect anything, or atleast I dont notice anything? What could be wrong? Even if I turn it all in to the bottom it will run on idle.. And there is no missfires when engine braking even if the airmixture is all in. Maybe I have a too large pilotjet? it is now 48. I also need to adjust the accellerator pump as i bogs when twisting the throttle max fast, but it runs very well when using the throttle at a normal pace. That could also be related to the pilot beeing too rich?.. But first I am going to raise the needle one clip to see if that makes any diffrence.
  5. kurben

    What Exhaust?

    Just for your information. The original silencers weigh 2.4kilo each and total 4.8kilo. The Leo vince weigh 3.2 kilo each and total 6.4 kilo. So you will be adding a lot of weight with the Leo vince setup compared to the originals.
  6. Thank you very much James! I think I will remove 10mm from the carb and 8mm from the adaptor flange, that way I will just touch the threads on the air jet and still have some room to glue the flange in place. Will return with the finished result.
  7. Thanks, I can wait it is not time critical. I am going to use the KTM original velocity stack and I need the length of the original setup so I don't make it too long to fit. I am still driving the bike so I have no possiblity to test mount the carb while doing the milling.
  8. Nobody has the measurments of the carb? Please...
  9. It is a little bit hard to explain but when I am finished I will take pictures of it and show here. I will use both two screws and a home made bracket, and also some hightemp Epoxy to make it stick as there is no room for a gasket, or rather I am too lazy to make that a possibility. The KTM velocity stack is made of plastic so the temps regarding the Expoxy will not be an issue. I will remove around 10 mm of alu from the carb, that is the section where the rubber tube fits to the Honda airbox thingy. I will also mill around 3 mm of the base on the KTM Velocity stack. But the amount that I need to remove can change depending on the requested width of the carb. Actually, when measuring the carb the intake is 42 mm so is the velocity stack from KTM. And the the diameter at the "cylinder" side is 41 mm. Where is the diffrence between the 40 and 41 mm? Or is there none and only a name diffrence? Or is it 40 mm in the middle where I cannot measure it?
  10. Hello. I am setting up a Keihin FCR-MX 40 mm carb from a Honda CRF450R to fit my KTM 640. I would like to have the measurment of the 41 mm FCR-MX on this location (see picture). Regarding the possibility to use this carb on a KTM can be held in this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=420594&parentpage=6 I need this measurment because I am going to mill down this part on the Honda version of the Keihin carb and I will be using the KTM original Velocity stack as seen on the picture.
  11. kurben

    synthetic nessesary?

    And if you have a wet clutch (as the KTM has) you will loose friction since the car oils are missing the JASO additive. Car use a dry clutch system and a separete oil for the gearbox as mentioned before. It will probably work but with the result of powerloss due to less friction of the clutch plates at higher power output.
  12. Good info, found the velocity stack at: http://nossmachine.com/honda_quad_parts.htm Only 65$ I will ask what the shipping is to sweden. Thanks very much for all the help so far.
  13. Thanks for the link, but I guess it will cost some $ and I am on a budget. I have the carb at work and I will have a look at to see if it will work with the velocity funnel for the KTM standard carb first. Amazing but I did not find one single email on the Duncan racing page, just wanted to ask the price only for the Velocity stack for the Keihin carb.. Well I will try to call them but the time diffrence make it real hard for me.
  14. I dont have a picture of my carb but the intake looks very similar to this one that I found on Ebay: As you said it is flat and has no funnel. The same thing is on the KTM version but they bolt a funnel on that look like this: And here is a schematic picture of the KTM FCR: My idea was to use the KTM funnel at the Honda Carb. There is no way to attach it since there is no holes for the screws but that is always possible to solve. But the carb can get too long with this setup, and I wonder how much the extended length of the velocity stack will affect performance. I will buy this funnel since it does not cost much so I figure I can give it a try and see if it will work. I do have a milling machine at work so another crazy idea would be to shave some material of the Honda carb to get the same length as the KTM version. But I would rather like to avoid such drastic measures.
  15. Hi. I was just wondering that, the part that is diffrent on this carb in comparisson to the KTM carb is the connection between the carb and the airbox. Do you think that using the carb with the intake funnel for the 41mm FCR will not work? I know they look a little bit diffrent but making them fit should not be a big problem. The removable intake bell, what kind is that? is it one of those blue velocity stacks that you use with a K&N filter when you are not using the airbox? Like these: http://www.knfilters.com/psadapter.htm Or should I buy the airbox funnel for the Honda : As seen on picture with part number 9, and cut it to fit the KTM airbox. Or mayby I should bore it up to 41mm?