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  1. I second that, ask burned what jets to use and clip position and do it yourself. Helps you learn your bike too! I live in Vancouver if you need a few pointers I could help you out.
  2. DRZ 400 2006. I think that would be a great idea, (hard case) it would also protect it from dust. just need a pannier or something to mount to I guess.
  3. Thanks, I'll check it out. Wouldn't that suck to have to rely on old mom and the butcher to put the steak on the table! Better for us though, less people in the woods.
  4. Strap fifty pounds at a time on my back with a pack frame. Ya don't bring the thing out whole, you cut it up into pieces. In other words you remove all the bones and only bring out the meat and head.
  5. Not sure, someone said to mount my wife on my bike so I did, she was moaning a bit??????? Alright, after reading the other weapon thread I have decided just to carry pepper spray!!!!! I'm thinking of getting some salt spray too, HMMMMMM I wonder if they make Johny's seasoning spray. That elk meat would taste better with something other than just pepper.
  6. Thanks for all the help!!!!! Did the wife thing now I am back to thinking about stickin that big bull elk with an arrow. The quad thing doesn't work, the trails are to narrow plus I need to ride a short stint of black top to get there. I can get further back into the wilderness before light and before others this way, in turn this equals horns for the wall plus a freezer full of elk meat. Doesn't look like others hunt in this lace I guess just thought I'd check.
  7. Thinking of using my bike to get back into some areas to hunt. Has anyone tried to mount their bow on their bike? need to be solid and safe. Ideas?
  8. mritech1

    Yosh-Jet kit-3x3??

    I too did this a week ago, used the DJ needle, stock main 142.5, 25 pilot jet purchased separately. Fuel screw 2 3/4 turns out. I purchased the Keintech extended fuel screw so I could make adjustment easier when running up in high elevations. 3x3 mod plus full RS3 ss. I am unsure if the kits are the same but all you need from the kit is the needle and spring anyway, the needle is thinner and has a different taper. I run mostly at 400ft. and WOW what a difference, I have only run with the tech insert removed. Be careful and take your time installing the needle, put a little oil on the o-ring and twist it when pushing down gently. I broke 2 of the fingers off and it cost me $40 and a week down time. Goog luck
  9. Be careful when pushing the needle back into the piston valve!!!!!!! use a little oil in the o-ring and push and turn at the same time easy! I broke off two of the fingers and it cost $40 and had to wait 6 days to get a new one.
  10. mritech1

    new seat UGLY

    I think my girlfriend and I could ride side by side on that! That thing is just plain crazy. I do like the fact you obviously don't care what others think, do whats best for you. F'em all it aint their bike.
  11. mritech1

    noise or power

    It's loud!!!!!! but I kind of like it. Loud pipes save lives, That is true. Heck the pipes on my HD are even louder and I have put 5K on in one trip and it didn't bother me with a cheater helmet not covering the ears! That is without the insert too.
  12. mritech1

    Thanks Burned!

    Just finished the 3x3, full yosh rs3, and stage one kit! What a difference!!!! Thanks to all on this site and especially Burned for refining the mix if proper jets and the 3x3. What is the next step in making more power? I can never have enough.
  13. mritech1

    Anyone UP for this Challenge ...

    maybe we could all donate a few bucks toward the cause and recieve a matching discount toward our next purchase from TT?
  14. mritech1

    broken slide valve

    Did the needle seem to hang at a slight angle throught the hole? I had it together once and it looked a little crooked.
  15. mritech1

    broken slide valve

    Thanks, It was pretty cold. I am glad to see someone else has done this, the dealer looked at me like I had broken the impossible to break part and shook is head.