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  1. bitterspleaf

    Rear Tire choice is killing me

    Ahh ok, got it kx, thanks. Just trying to hurry up and burn up those stock tires that came on my '03 (hasn't been ridden in 3.5 years). Not sure what they are, but they suck.
  2. bitterspleaf

    Rear Tire choice is killing me

    I hear you RC. I ride anything from extreme hardpack (almost concrete) to soft, loamy dirt, sand, you name it! If this is a good all around combo (can't afford sets for different conditions) then I'm all in. So the "RR" version is a little better grip that wears a bit faster? Sounds fine by me and seems like it's worth a shot. Thanks again guys for taking some of the guesswork out of which set to get next.
  3. bitterspleaf

    Rear Tire choice is killing me

    Sounds like the 756 front with a 952 rear is the best all around combo. I'm no pro racer, not even close. Just something with decent bite that wears ok is all I ask from a set of tires.
  4. bitterspleaf

    Rear Tire choice is killing me

    So you have to mix and match? That kind of sucks, is there a great tire combo out there that's a true set?
  5. bitterspleaf

    06 YZ250 Swingarm problems

  6. The washer mod doesn't sound bad either. Thanks for alll the help and ideas.
  7. You know, when I was looking over the boot after that happened I thought to myself that it looked like a pretty stupid design for a $400 boot! It's interesting that you brought that up, and I will check out the new ones. I thought about putting a few layers of duct tape in that gap so the brake pedal has nothing to catch on. Lousy bastages decided to fix that issue after I bought my pair (of course:thumbsdn: ) The boot has been at Motonation for warranty work since the middle of last week. I skipped riding this weekend because I don't have another decent pair of boots (80 degree weather:banghead: ) I'll call them today and see what I or they can do. Thanks for the info. As far as the brake lever goes I'm not sure what to do yet. It would be nice if it was bent out just a touch and maybe a bit lower as well.
  8. bitterspleaf

    03 YZ 250 (pinger) Jetting ?'s

    Good deal bud thanks for the info. I'll try it and see if it does the trick. I'm not getting any spooge and the bike pulls great in general, so I think you're probably right on the money:thumbsup:
  9. Ahh cool man thanks for the response. That's what I kinda figured, just gotta adapt. I guess every bike is going to be a little different and will take some getting used to. I just don't want to rip up the boots again!! lol..
  10. Hey all, On my last bike, 04 RM 125 I had no problems with the brake pedal. On this 03 yz 250 it's a little irritating. It seems like the brake pedal is a little too close to the case cover. Here's what's happening, and I'm sure my riding style or lack there of has something to do with it. Alot of times my boot gets caught or hung up on the brake lever, sometimes below it but mostly when I'm pushing down/applying the brake. This happened so much so on the last ride that it tore the crap out of my $400 Sidi Crossfires (which are now getting fixed so I'm bootless at the moment). I don't know if the end ridges of the brake lever peg are too sharp, if the lever is too high up (or not enough) or what???? Thinking about filing down the "teeth" on the peg at the end of the lever to help save my boots in the future unless I can figure out a way to ride around this. Would slightly bending -out- the brake pedal help at all? Anyone else having this issue? Man I'd love some ideas on this one.
  11. bitterspleaf

    Tips on what handlebars to get?

    Also interested in finding out where you can get a good set of the Easton Pro Tapers for $45? If you want, send me a PM RCannon. I'm struggling with the bar issue myself right now. Definately want some pro taper fat bars but I'd need the adapters (not enough $$ on hand to buy new triples). So that would raise 'em an additional 3/4". I'm 5'10 and with the stock bars it's very uncomfortable to ride standing. I'm just worried that with the reed bend + 3/4 adapters the bars might be too tall? Also I'm looking for the least amount of sweep, as straight a bar as possible. Checking websites and comparing measurements but still no clue where to start. Don't want to blow $80 (unless RC let's us in on where to get the bars for $45) just to find out I don't like the bars. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. bitterspleaf

    03 YZ 250 (pinger) Jetting ?'s

    So no shortcuts huh? Just buy 5 or 6 jets, couple needles and go to town? OH well, if someone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it. Otherwise I might just go one down on the pilot and call it a day........
  13. Hey just curious if someone could hit me with a good baseline or starting point to possibly jet the bike a little better. Here's all the info on the bike: 2003 YZ 250 2t with less than 10 hours on the entire bike. Current jetting is completely stock with a 178 main and 50 pilot, needle is in stock position as well. Only aftermarket parts on bike is a Twinair filter. Pipe is stock. Currently mixing Motul 800 2t at 32:1 Not sure of my elevation but am in Rockford, IL if that helps? I'll have to look that one up. Overall the bike runs pretty good, I just know there's some room for improvement there. Usually starts almost too easily on 1st or 2nd kick (rich pilot?) Slight bog in 2nd gear right before the "hit" but nothing major. I would just like to know if I can improve the throttle response and overall power of the bike without risking burn down when going all out down a fire road? Also hoping to avoid the "one step at a time" approach with jetting. Did this on my last bike and had to break into the carb quite a few times before getting it right. Hoping someone could give me a real good starting point so I don't have to do the whole one jet, one adjustment at a time deal unless I'm fine tuning. Also is there any benefit to getting either a newer OEM Yamaha needle from a '06 or '07 YZ 250 (would it even fit)? Or is the JD kid the best way to go? I'm not disappointed with the way the bike runs in it's current state. I'd just like to get the most out of it without hurting the motor or longevity, if that's even possible... Thanks for any input:thumbsup:
  14. bitterspleaf

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Sweet, see even in other nations Yamaha is held in high regards:applause:
  15. bitterspleaf

    YZ 250 F BOG Help Someone!!!

    good info:thumbsup: