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  1. Airman11783

    some pictures of wr250f to yz250f

    I have a 02 WR250F with all yzf plastics including IMS tank and CEAT seat, and some mods FMF power core 4, hot cams, all free mods, etc. Bike is also mint and well maintained only 36 hrs on it since last rebuild, which is virtually nothing for these bikes. However I miss the tight cornering of my old RM 125. I have been looking for another RM 2-stroke but no luck in my area. I would like to work out a trade. PM me or IM me at mstcobra@aol.com let me know. Bye.
  2. Airman11783

    tradin tanks

    I have a 18" rear rim and dunlop D756 tire rim is strait and well maintained. New bearings spockes tightened and rim is trued perfcet, hub is clean so is rim. However I want a 19" rear setup because I want some less unsprung weight. It is of a 2002 WRf450. PM me or preferably e-mail me at mstcobra@aol.com I'll send pics if you want. TTYL
  3. I tried to look it up but couldnt find any thing on db levels for off road bikes in new jersey what is the highest db levels permited to enter an off road event? I have a 02 yz426f with all free mods 03YZ450 hot cams intake and exhaust cams, The regular FMF header and a FMF powercore 4 sillencer thats all the mods as far as the engine is concerned. do I have a chance of being under the db limit what ever it is? I appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks. Have good ridin everyone!
  4. Airman11783

    Let it go

    I 10th it I usually ignore the bashing also. I'm happy someone said something thank you discopete. I come to this site to give and recieve good tips and other peoples experiences with various parts setups etc., and also to chat with some fine people that i have something in comon with. I hate to sound corney but no mater what color bike someone is sitting on, 2 wheels or 4, pro or beginner, what difference does it make, when it comes down to it were all the same we just love to ride and tinker with are bikes. Presently I run 02 yz426 myself and I love it but before this I've rode cr's, rm's, kx's, xr's and my first bike my little slow but reliable 85 dr100 tell you the truth I wish I never got ride of it for sentimental reasons, It was the first bike I ever rode and the first I ever owned I didn't even buy it I found in front of someones house on garbage day rang the door bell and told me to take it. Every thing on that bike was jig rigged I mean everything for example it had bicycle brake levers on it for the brake and clutch, missing kick starter, a hole in the side of the case that was fixed with some quick steel never leeaked a drop either ironic, even caught on fire once and melted half the air box which i never replaced In fact I never replaced anything on it if it broke I would either not fix it or jig rig it except for changing the oil and an ocasional spark plug, Sorry I rambeling on so long but I was just reminising to much more inocent and simple times, ecspecially those times with that bike because I found with my long time best friend who has somewhat turned astray to a groop of people who are slowely bringing him down in pretty much all ways. I miss those days. But now for the mean time Love my 02 YZ426 It's decently sooped up and I only weigh 160 so it hauls extra ass and is also pretty good in the handeling and braking department. Once again sorry it was so lengthy.
  5. Airman11783

    WR450 History

    What is the AIS I have an 02 426 so I don't have any of that stuff I'm happy I don't have the starter because it just would of made more work when I basically converted it to a YZ with the exception of the Tank and Seat and a 52 tooth rear sprocket so I can still do some woulds riding and hill climbs. But I,m just really curious about this AIS thing what is it and can it be put on my 02? Also What were the main changes on the WR's between 2000 and 02 besides the displacement change?
  6. Airman11783

    Anyone interest on CRF450 trade?

    I have a 02 WR 426f with all free mods, engine has 26 hours on it since last rebuild. It had a complete rebuild not just the top end, all new bearings, new timing chain and new chain tensioner, new piston rings and wrist pin all new gaskets valve re shimmed etc., and it was broken in the right way. During rebuild I steam cleaned all parts. I have a Industrialsteamcleaner so the bike is so clean you could eat off it especial the motor it still has that brand new motor look to it I know you know what I'm talking about. It has an Uncorked exhaust, Renthal Fat bars with 1/2" bar risers, 13 tooth front sprocket 52 tooth rear Renthal sprockets and Renthal O-ring chain. JD Jet kit, 2 rear rim locks 1 front, Plastics have some small scratches and some mild stress marks on the right rad cover. Lights removed YZ timmed, all YZ plastics except seat and tank. All and All the bike is a good bike even in My New Jersey 20 degree winter weather the bike still starts on on or two kicks hot or cold Runs very fast for a WR it beats my buddies stock 2000 yz 250 pretty much all the time if we drag race just on MX racing The bike is just as competitive as his until I get tiered because the WR is heavier and I only weight about 165 pounds. Its a good bike but I have had four honda CR's before this and I just like the feel of the hondas geometry more, and im also more of a MX guy than a mixed half trail half mx guy, Plus I hear a lot of s*#t from my honda buddies too lol. I will only do an even swap and I'll split the shipping with you if you want to do the even trade. I hate to sound like a dealer but If your looking for a mean WR that looks like a YZ and feels like a cross between a YZ and A WR this is the bike for you, will Even do a 30 trial period were if one of us is un happy we can swap back. What the bike is basically as if a 02 YZ 426f and a 02 WR 426f had sex this bike would be the off spring.LOL. I just got a digital camera a few days ago so I will post you a few pics of the bike. I live in the north central New Jersey area. You can either reply this thread back to me but I would Prefer if you E-mailed me at mstcobra@aol.com I don't know how to post pics on this sight yet I'm not very computer savvy however I do know how to post pics in E-mail so if you give your screen name and ISP I will send you a few pics of the bike. Sorry my explanation was so lengthy but I wanted to give you all the facts. Looking forward to hearing from you, it would be much appreciated if you let me know either way. Thanks PS Its a shame we don't live closer to eachother so no shipping would be in volved, and we would be able to check out and ride each others bikes but unfortunately the world isn't perfect, But I still have some faith left in man kind especially fellow riders.
  7. Airman11783

    OVERSIZE tank??

    I have a Ims oversized tank 3.3 or 3.2 galons or some thing I am looking for a stock yz tank If you want to do an even trade E-mail me at Mstcobra@aol.com I would prefferable like to trad seats also because even though they say the seat fits fine to the tank I hade to modify the seat packing a bit to keep the seat flat It looks good I just put a tall medium stiff seat foam in and it looks good but then I used to ride long woods rides now I'm mx ing so I dont need the excess gas or weight. E-mail me if you are interested because I would love to have the stock setup again. P.S. Seat is perfect tank has 1 small scrach about 1" long and about as wide as a peice of wire. E-mail me and let me know.
  8. Airman11783

    YZ Tank Wanted

    I'm also looking for a YZ tank tank an seat for my 02 wr 426 with all free mods white bothers exauhst 04 YZ450 hot cams exaust cam Renthal fat bars renthal chain and sprockets 14 tooth going to 52 tooth Renthal pro soft grips. Port and Polished head slightly milled down for some more compression Yz 125 air box and filter 1" up and 1/2 forward bar rasers and of corse a cut throttle stop. Plane jane looks however, all YZ plastics exept for seat and tank no decals not even the YAMAHA decals on the fork gaurds and swing arm.
  9. Airman11783

    has anybody tryed this

    Yeah try this I just put on my 14 tooth front and 52 tooth rear sprockets and swaped from a fmf to a white brothers exhaust all at once on top of my allready somewhat heavily modified 2000 Yz 426f, and i washed it got it all nice and pretty did the heat gun trick on the stess marked spots on my radiator flaps or what ever they are called (which actually worked), and I spent so much time doing it and admiring the look of it now I dont have time to go for a short ride. Because of damn probation. Dont worry im not a axe murderer I'm on probation because I ran out of gas runnig from the cops on my bike, when I first got it I was having a blast riping ass around all the side streets in the neighborhood. Stupid of me to run I guess esspecially when low on gas I left the house allready on the reserve. LOL. Sorry Im so grumpy. Thumbes down. Tommorow when I ride her I'll let you know how the setup worked because I know its kinda tall gearing for a person who only runs MX by the way Jonneyrocket56 I have allways ran and still do run a renthal O-ring chain and renthal sprockets. I have a bike that makes tons of power and I ride very hard and very often, and I have found them to be great they last very long they arent very expensive The trick is when I replace or change a spocket or a chain I do all three at once, and I highly suggest O-ring chains just becarful when cleaning them and lubricating them. I clean my chain by putting it in a bucket of water and dish detergent and genlty scrub it with a tooth brush and lub it with Bell ray O-ring chain lube you should get at least 2 seasons out of it if you do this every race. And I personally suggest removing the front sprocket chain gaurd. Thumbs deffinatly up. I may be on probation and have horrible spelling but I know bikes pretty well. lol
  10. Airman11783

    List your best and worst bike

    Yeah i had a 75 yamaha enduro with a 400cc 2 smoke old beet up but everything worked even the lights cheap as hell to buy I mean real cheap and it was fast as hell that was 2 years ago so i dont exactly remeber the exact feeling of speed on the bike but at the time it felt like the fastest thing on earth I would like to see how it would compare to my new worked up 400
  11. Airman11783

    List your best and worst bike

    worst and first 84 Suzuki DR 100 Best and Present 2000 Wr 400 fully converted to a Yz I mean everything frame up and plenty of mods not that the Bike even needs em its a beast from the factory. Only on top end and timing chain rebuild done one yera ago and I average riding about 5 times a week 2 of which are all dayers and only minor mantnance is need shit I only change my oil like once every month and it still stays in the cross hatches and just recently I put an 05 yz 450f alum rear sub frame in there, no notice in wheight change but geometry feels different and once I got used to it I was averaging 1/2 shorter lap times at my local track. definitly 2 THUMBES UP !
  12. Airman11783


    i have a 2000 wr I've heard people mention it a million times but what do you do to de octopus. In detail. I ve done everything i can but cant get any info on how to de octopus. and what are the advantages of deoctuping?
  13. Airman11783

    Cam chain tensioner installation? Any better ideas guys?

    I wish I could help you the manuel says to make same thing out of 1/8" metal but i would like an easier way also Please help use on a easy way.
  14. Airman11783

    Drive Sprocket Cover and chain clearance

    Yeah it seams like they allways have the rarest parts but never the simple commonly broken ones. huh. And whats the deal with all the dealers being clossed on monday you race on the weekend break a part and have to wait till tuesday. It ereally sucks for me becuase I allways practice on saturdays so myself and my bike are all set and if I break a part on saturday I am really F@#^ed and no racing on sunday. man I hate that! Sorry I'm just venting with you Azvmax.
  15. Airman11783

    00 wr 400 jetting

    Can some one please tell me how to deoctopus my carb on my 00 WR400f